Thundarr the Barbarian

Season 1 Episode 9

Valley of the Man-Apes

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 29, 1980 on ABC



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    • (When Thundarr frees Ookla from being chained up in Zek's village)
      Zek: You're human. Why do you defend that no good, spying ape?
      Thundarr: Look again, little man. Ookla is a Mok, not one of the Man-Apes. (Ookla growls)
      Zek: I guess we made a mistake. I'm Zek, mayor of the village.
      Thundarr: I am called Thundarr. My friends are Ookla and the Princess Ariel.
      Zek: Join us for nectar, please.

    • Thundarr: The Apes came this way. They're gathering down there. What kind of place is this?
      Ariel: It's an ancient movie studio.
      Thundarr: Studio?!? What is that?
      Ariel: It's...well, hard to explain.

    • (As they approach the giant gorilla in the airplane)
      Thundarr: Make another pass. I'm going out on the wing.
      Ariel: Right! (Gasps) The wing?!?

    • Thundarr: Ariel! You are safe. I was worried.
      Ariel: You were worried?!? (Ookla approaches with the captured Simius in the magic net)
      Thundarr: The night is over. And the Man-Apes rule nothing.


      Thundarr: Simius and his apes have fled the valley. You can rebuild your city.
      Zek: And without walls this time thanks to you, Thundarr. (Laughs and they shake hands)
      Ariel: Get that! Thanks to him!? (Ookla gives her a hard nudge with his elbow and laughs as she drops on the ground)
      Thundarr: Shall we be going, Ariel (Helps her up)
      Ariel: Fine with me!
      Thundarr: Ariel, Ookla...RIDE! (Ride off on the horses as the sun rises)

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The scene where Thundarr and company attack the giant ape in an airplane is reminicent of the movie King Kong.

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