Thunder in Paradise Series for DVD, PLEASE! What we should do ->

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    Yes, the title really says it all. In this modern day and age I've gotten quite used to being able to find any movie online for whatever reason, and I'm actually upset over how this was never released on DVD! I would gladly buy the series (no, I already have the 3 disk set, that's only 6 out of 22 episodes)!

    So the only way I see this happening is if we start bugging the people involved (anyone who might be able to get something like a release going, or at least pass on the info to someone who does). The credited creator is "Gregory J. Bonann". Try to find a way to contact him, and share our wishes I'm guessing Hulk Hogan himself wouldn't be a bad idea. Would have enough pull, for sure. Try sending him some emails. But yeah, hope you see the direction I'm taking. Now let's do this!

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