Thunder in Paradise

(ended 1994)


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  • Thunder In Paradise was a action adventure show starring an awesome boat, called Thunder. Also it was piloted by Hulk (Hulkster) Hogan. Good times and bloodless death scenes ensue.

    When I was young and lived on a little dirt road I had no cable TV...This show came on every Saturday on some local channel and I watched the heck out of it. Remember when Macho Man Randy Savage made a cameo!!!! Awesome show... It was shows like Thunder, Acapulco HEAT, and Baywatch Nights that made my Saturday afternoons tolerable in my little town. I only wish The Hulkster didn't sign that contract with WCW, then we could had more Thunder! Poorly shot boat chases, off the wall sidekicks, hot 90's chicks, and bloodless gunfights! I miss it and say its time for a made for TV movie.
  • Lets bring back the good ole favorite episodes from our childhoods with all the great memmories.

    Thunder in paradise was an excellent show to me i always looked forward to it coming on every day of my summer vacation, when i was a kid, it just made my day with all the jet packed action speed boat get'em bad boy attitude and the explosives i though it was just so cool back then, Now i look back on all the thing that happened in my childhood and i remeber this show cause tv was always there for me when i was little i didnt have many friends, now i would love to have this on dvd or dvd collectors set to go along with all the other hit tv favorites, think back to your childhood and think what it was like for you to watch this show or your favorite show back then and tell me that it dont deserve a shot at being on dvd, i had them on vhs but weather just wore them out and the vcr ate the rest dont you hate when that happens, but other than that i thought it was an excellent show, back then if you remember right discovery didnt have all those entertaing shows they have now it was just like the nature channel back then it was like the actio on tbs. thanks for your time and have a good day and think about all your good ole memories of the tv when you a kid.
  • This hurts even more...

    Just got done trash Renedage and now on to Thunder in Paradise....
    " Danger. Excitement. Adventure. It's just another day in paradise " But this has nothing to do with this show. First, to completely enjoy this show you must put your right in a blender and then turn it on. This show not just bad but it steals from two other shows. One Baywacth and the other is Knightrider. But instead you have a talking boat. It's like the creaters wrote down the ideas of other show, threw them up in the air and then picked out a few at random. The worse offense is the fact that the child in this show is the best actor.
  • If they had put it on at the right time, it still may be on today!

    I had the privilege to actually work on Thunder when it first came out. I worked on the pilot movie as a second unit sound recordist and then on several of the episodes as second unit boom op.

    I knew right away that this would be a hit but specifically with the kids. It was funny, had the Hulk in it, lots of neat gadgets, and was campy, which is what you need if you aren't going for that high mark of quality which not many shows in the last 20 years have reached for.

    But my problem with the show was not it's corniness or lack of professionalism, but with where the network put it: Sunday night at 10pm! That's just about the most dead spot of the week. And most kids can't stay up that late on a night just before a school week. That's right, KIDS. Because this show SHOULD have been aimed at the kid's market to begin with.

    It was a perfect idea and was actually produced with the Saturday morning feel already in it. So if the network had placed Thunder In Paradise on Saturday mornings, say around 10am, it would have been a run away hit with kids and who knows, may still be running all these years later (and still providing me some work).

    Alas, there is no understanding those network executives. After all, they canceled Star Trek, which became one of the largest movie and merchandise gold mines in entertainment history!
  • The con side of Thunder in paradise

    Thunder in Paradise, came out in the early 90\'s when the genre of high tech weaponary blowing stuff up, was coming to an end.

    The A-team was gone, as was Knight Rider, and so was Airwolf.

    The show idea for Thunder in Paradise probably came from Airwolf.

    Think about it: Airwolf was a high tech helicopter.
    Thunder was a high tech boat.
    Both were loaded with weapons and gadgets
    Both were originally built for the US goverment
    Both then went on to work mercanery missions.
  • This show was great, first off it has the Hulkster in all his glory, well written and everything, OH YEAH HULK RULES!!!! AND SO DOES THIS SHOW!!! I hope to God they release it on DVD very soon

    Staring Hulk Hogan as RJ "Hurricane" Spencer, this show is about Spencer and friend Brew baker, former Navy Seals who have worked together and built a fantastic Boat, which was aptly named Thunder, and while living in a Paradise world, filmed in Orlando Florida, at a Disney resort, this show has lots of action, adventure, comedy and some pretty great special appearances by people such as Steve Borden, better known as the wrestler Sting!
  • "Thunder in Paradise"

    This show was pretty sweet, meanning the action was original holly wood style. I liked this show because it had Hulk Hogan a wrestler from "WCW"World Championship Wrestling, and many other movies and shows. this show was at least a 5 score. I would like alot to be in some thing so bright like this or just live in paridise.
  • Damn, Thunder in Paradise is THAT show everyone must at least have heard about. I LOVE it!! THe setting is absolutely cool, the characters are also, and the theme song was, is and always will be GREAT!!! I wouldnt watch any other show...

    Thunder in Paradise is great! Everyone can say what he wants, i love this show! Hulk Hogan and Chris Lemmon are such great team, and the rest of the characters are also pretty good. Everytiem i listen to the soundtrack i start to swarm in nostalgia...
    i want to watch this damn good show again!!! Isnt there any chance about a DVD ?? If i would have a wish for free now, i would wish me into the world of
  • . . . better start runnin'. . . 'cus there's a hurricane comin' . . .

    Thunder in Paradise wasn’t out to change the world, which is probably good, because it certainly didn’t. It was out to be some silly, action packed fun, and possibly a vehicle for Turner in-house star Hulk Hogan, and some other WCW wrestlers at the time.

    It has been a long time since I’ve seen any episodes of this show, so I don’t know how well it holds up these days. Admittedly, the gentle glow of nostalgia may be blurring my recollection of the show. I was also 11 years old when it premiered, so I can’t really be counted on to remember all the intricacies of the show. What I do remember though, is watching it frequently and enjoying it. Granted I wasn’t the discerning connoisseur of fine television that I am today, but still, not everything has to be the episodic equivalent of Citizen Kane. Sometimes, silly fun is enough, and this show provided that in spades.

    The Hulkster was as good as he’s going to be in a non-wrestling capacity, and Chris Lemmon was always amusing, and not a terrible actor. The only Oscars he’ll ever get near are his old man’s, but he wasn’t too bad. And Carol Alt was hot. That’s it. All she was really meant to be. Also, not a terrible actress. I’ve see much worse.

    I couldn’t possibly justify a really high rating for this show, because it certainly wasn’t that good. But it wasn’t trying to be. It was meant to be fun, and it accomplished that, amusing me for an hour a week, or a day during summers. I imagine, if you could still catch the show, that’s exactly what it would still do.
  • Yes... Hulk Hogan... but darn... this is actually A CLEVERLY WRITTEN SUPREME ACTION ADVENTURE! Talk about shock and awe! This show is addicting. Yes, it has babes aplenty, but also great stories and just pure entertainment.

    I originally watched this show because I’m a huge Carole Alt fan. Okay, so I was a bit embarrassed checking out a Hulk Hogan series… but WOW… this one was a total delight! Move over all those action-adventure comedies… the duo of Hulk and Chris Lemmon, Carole Alt’s charm and beauty (she’s never looked more beautiful than in this movie), and the awesome production values makes this perfect summertime viewing. You can also watch it again and again, and if you have children… it’s perfect for them. The action is more fun than bloody, and the use of Hulk’s daughter (that is, the actress playing his daughter) in the film gives the movie a great “attitude” for kids to watch and feel apart of the adventure. The dialogue is amazingly clever, characters well drawn out (Bru and Spenser's “food tasting trick” on a prison guard is a down right classic, and their comic timing is up there with Laurel and Hardy!), and the direction over all is wonderful! Special attention should also be taken to one of the most exciting and hysterical chase sequences, again, beautifully directed, up and down the Middle East culminating in a delightful “back and forth” with Bru and Spence, right up there with the “cliff jumping scene” in “Butch Cassidy”. Also, Ms. Alt shows a wonderful comic flair which I wish producer's would allow her to show off in all her movies... especially the Italian ones. She is a gem! I’m sure there wasn’t a very big budget for this series, so I really was astonished at how “big” the show looks. It’s more “Indiana Jones” than the usual low-rent Hulk Hogan movies. And yes, this was done by the same producers who give you "Baywatch", and it does have blue skies, white sand, and amazingly beautiful babes-a'plenty... but there's something more here. They hired some outside talent to bring depth to this, and it shows. Special attention to episodes "Nature of the Beast", which is their "Vietnam" flashback show, but with a powerful message (and the acting talents of Chris Lemmon... what happened to him?), especially for the children about the honor of non-violence, and "Kismet" a two-parter as good as any "Indian Jones" movie (where'd they get that production value!?), and "Dead Reckoning" another flashback show that shows that Hulk can really act (as he did in "Beast"), as can Chris... but also a wonderful turn by wrestler "Sting", who could have become the new "Rock". Maybe they'll bring this back one day... what with the low-rent TV we have now. I think some of these are available on Video. TiVo this in the hopes you can catch a few!