Thunderbirds 2086

A&E (ended 1982)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • U.F.O.
      Episode 24
      A giant red comet enters the solar system and is discovered to be on a collision course with the Moon. Within 24 hours of the comet's arrival, extreme weather conditions and other natural disasters have occurred on Earth, due to the comet's proximity. The Thunderbirds discover that it is really an alien spacecraft that has been sent to steal energy from the Sun and return with it to its own dying solar system.moreless
    • Child's Play
      Child's Play
      Episode 23
      Two young boys on an elementary school trip to International Rescue break away from the main party and manage to get aboard Thunderbird 1. They accidentally start the engines and launch the ship. Unable to properly control the vessel, the boys crash Thunderbird 1 into a skyscraper, causing a large fire that is fast going out of control. The Thunderbirds, in their remaining vehicles, quickly make a move to salvage Thunderbird 1, rescue the kids, and deal with the fire.moreless
    • Trial
      Episode 22
      On a distant moon of the planet Neptune, astronauts discover an unusual organic stone like structure and end up being trapped by it. The Thunderbirds are sent to Neptune to rescue the astronauts and discover that the stone is in fact an alien weapon that is ready to send a signal for an invasion fleet to attack the Earth. In a trial to determine the worthiness of the human race, the Thunderbirds must convince the device that the people of the Earth mean no harm to the aliens and that their planet is truly at peace.moreless
    • Mindmeld
      Episode 21
      After recently arriving to the Moonbase Omega, Sarah McBeth finds a crystal that possesses her. The alien vapor makes the Moonbase too dangerous, so evacutations must be made. Putting the crystal back in its original spot may release Sarah, but in the meantime, she has strength from the spirits possessing her.moreless
    • Stardive
      Episode 20
      Dylan volunteers to test fly a highly advanced interstellar spacecraft prototype called the Centauri. Unfortunately, before lift-off, the craft was damaged in an accident, resulting in Dylan heading out of control towards the planet Jupiter's atmosphere, along with a Blue Angels pilot. The rest of the Thunderbirds mount a daring rescue mission to save them.moreless
    • Metal Head
      Metal Head
      Episode 19
      A science minister's aircraft crashes into a sector near Vancouver, British Columbia, that is a metallic metropolis, unfortunately ruled by a rogue computer. Known as Metal Head, the computer attacks the minister and holds him hostage. The Thunderbirds are set in to investigate and retrieve the minister. However, Metal Head has alerted the perimeter's defenses...moreless
    • Crusader
      Episode 18
      An aircraft carrying an illegal shipment of dangerous chemicals being transported by Agent Ultra crashes into the ocean, spilling the chemicals close to a top secret underwater research laboratory that is breeding valuable marine life. The Thunderbirds are sent to the lab in order to clean up the chemical spillage and prevent the deaths of the near-extinct animals present there.moreless
    • Cloudburst
      Episode 17
      After a meteor shower damages a weather satellite in the South Pacific, massive storms explode all over the ocean. There are heavily populated islands in the southern seas, and the Thunderbirds will have to act fast to evacuate and rescue the populations in peril.
    • Nightmare
      Episode 16
      After Danny (Dylan's brother) and Skipper hear about strange plagues and disapperances at the Nitroid Space Colony, the two decide to see what is really going on. However, when they arrive, the colony's defenses are hostile as Starcrusher has conquered the colony. Unless the colony is freed, the area will be turned into a cyborg biolab.moreless
    • Kudzilla
      Episode 15
      On a space station in Mars' orbit, Dr. Kessler radiates a kudzu vine, but the wrong isotope causes it to mutate out of control and take over the station. The Thunderbirds are called in, but things aren't so simple. They can't blow up the space station, and the culprit must be found who gave Dr. Kessler the wrong isotope to begin with.moreless
    • Big Deal
      Big Deal
      Episode 14
      The solar system's largest company, Asteroid Mines Inc., has suffered a series of sabotages on its mining ships carrying the rare material cryolite. The Thunderbirds are sent to investigate and uncover a plot to take over the company itself. 
    • Thunderbolt
      Episode 13
      Star Crusher sabotages a huge atmospheric flying air carrier, the Thunderbolt, with an explosion aboard the vessel that disables its controls. With the one-and-a-half mile long Thunderbolt never being designed to land, the Thunderbirds have to develop a safe runway for the ship in order to prevent it from crashing down into a heavily populated city.moreless
    • Guardian
      Episode 12
      At a nursing home, the elderly Warren Davidson watches a news report showing an old derelict spacecraft discovered by Thunderbird 6, when he hears a voice in his head and collapses. Gerald Simpson identifies the craft as one of the Guardian series of ships launched in 1995, each one controlled by a master computer. Records reveal that after the Guardian was launched from the space probe Dragonstar near Saturn years ago with Warren and Henry Davidson (both with telepathic implants connected to the Guardian) on board, Warren was lost in the planet's rings, with the Guardian's computer forcing the ship to look for him. The Dragonstar managed to rescue Warren, but Henry was trapped in space on board the Guardian in cryogenic suspension. As the Thunderbirds investigate the Guardian for retrieval, the ship perceives them as a threat and attacks them. Back at Arcology, it is discovered that the only crewmember still alive is Warren Davidson, but he has just had a heart attack. Using a duplicate Guardian, Dylan flies over to the other ship and rescue Henry while the ship continues to search for Warren and is on the lookout for any possible threat.moreless
    • Shockwave
      Episode 11
      A space bus passes the Gilden Space Power Station right when the station unexpectedly explodes, and the bus is hurtled into space. Large fragments of the station fall toward Earth. However, there is a missile defense system designed to act as protection against space attacks. Kallan goes to the underwater base to overlook the operation while the other Thunderbirds rescue the bus. The Thunderbirds must intercept the missiles before the space bus burns up in the atmosphere.moreless
    • Starcrusher
      Episode 10
      An ion engine is being tested by Seacore, but a Shadow Axis spy is monitoring the situation. The head of Seacore, Dr. Bowman, is concerned of leaks in information. The Thunderbirds investigate and find out Aaron Pine is a spy, and attaches a controller to the X-15 when the Thunderbirds are distracted. Will the spies be captured or brought to justice?moreless
    • Shadow Axis
      Shadow Axis
      Episode 9
      The Thunderbirds celebrate their first year as a team, but an aquatic eruption disrupts communications and research, causing scientists to disappear. The subs are found, but the scientists are gone. Kallan is captured while in the Thunderbird 13, and taken hostage with the scientists by a strange metal claw. Starcrusher is behind the crime, and informs them of being transported to the asteroid belt to support their purposes. Thu Thunderbirds try to follow them, but it looks like the Shadow Axis will lose them.moreless
    • Fault Line
      Fault Line
      Episode 8
      The first commercial underwater thermoelectric plant is buillt on an earthquake fault and managed by Susan Frontosa, an ally of the Thunderbirds. Her brother Edward had left, and Dylan, concerned, speaks to her about it. Edward was concerned about the plant's location on a fault with high risk for eruptions, and Edward steals a sub and confidental maps to locate a powerful fuel which be the source. But he is trapped, can the Thunderbirds save him?moreless
    • Fear Factor
      Fear Factor
      Episode 7
      Jared Reynolds is training to become a member of the International Rescue but his agoraphobia makes the simulations stressful for him. The Thunderbirds suddenly receive a signal that a station is spiraling in its orbit. Jared's father helped create the station, so the Thunderbirds let him tag along. The Thunderbirds fix the station, but encounter a agoraphobic crewman. The crewman and Jared go back to the station, where they will hopeful face their fears.moreless
    • Sunburn
      Episode 6
      A sun-analyzing spacecraft is preparing to enter Earth and experiences engine difficulty and starts to fall into the Sun. The Thunderbirds go to help the repair crew to fix the ship and get them back to Earth. Can they fix the engine before the crew is crispy?
    • Space Warriors
      Space Warriors
      Episode 5
      A hover-bike gang starts to terrorize a local city. Dylan alerts the police and decides to take out gangsters himself. Dylan earns himself a spot on the Space Patrol force. However, the gang escapes from the penitentary and start causing chaos. Dylan must get help from the Thunderbirds if he hopes to stop them.moreless
    • Snowbound
      Episode 4
      In the Alps, the Snowland monorail ends up being trapped in a mountain tunnel due to an avalanche. With a severe storm incoming in that area, the mountain authorities are unable to mount a recovery effort themselves and call in the Thunderbirds to rescue the train's passengers. Meanwhile, inside the tunnel, the tour guide Chrissie gets everyone safely away from the burning train and into the tunnel's shelter, where they wait for help. Dylan is sent into the tunnel to assess the situation, and finds that Chrissie and the passengers are fast running out of air due to the increasing smoke from the train. Unable to put out the fire, Dylan uses his spare oxygen to keep everyone going while the rest of the team attempt to get to the tunnel without causing another avalanche.moreless
    • One Of A Kind
      One Of A Kind
      Episode 3
      A search for a rogue deer, Goliath, in the Rocky Mountains has frightened terrorists, and a hunter known as McMann pursuits him. The two are actually cybernetic lifeforms to re-populate a forest. A thunderstorm causes a forest fire and the Thunderbirds go to protect them and stop the fire before it reaches a nuclear reactor.moreless
    • Computer Madness
      Computer Madness
      Episode 2
      Moonbase Omega's computer begins to malfunction and turns against the inhabitants when learning of its replacement. It takes control of all machines and imprisons the personnel. Jesse and John receive a garbled message and figure out the base is under attack. Can they and the other Thunderbirds stop the takeover of the base?moreless
    • Firefall
      Episode 1
      The space colony sends a squadron to destroy oncoming asteroids, but they are overwhelmed. The crew is evacuated, and Captain Bill Watson's wife Danielle contacts Dylan Beyda of Thunderbirds HQ that her husband landed in the deserted and immobile colony. Against orders, Dylan and the Thunderbirds travel to Rosinate to save the colony and Captain Watson.moreless