Season 1 Episode 23

Attack of the Alligators!

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 1966 on ITV

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  • Some people find themselves surrounded by giant alligators after something went wrong with a special drug.

    I was young when I watched Thunderbirds. Really young, parents reading the subtitles young. And that also makes ten years or more that I have last seen this episode.
    As a matter of fact I don't remember much of Thunderbirds, I have got some materials about, used to have all teh little actoin figures, but of the actual episodes I don't really remember much.
    I remember the film we have quite well, but that's probably also the thing I have seen the shortest while ago. Surprisingly enough, though some episodes stuck, and the fact that this one was one of those episodes should tell you a lot about it.
    An episode that just really captured my young heart :P