Season 1 Episode 19

Danger at Ocean Deep

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 1966 on ITV



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    • Jeff: For many years now, man has worked to perfect the material things in this world, and he's done pretty well for himself. If a building falls down, he can soon build it up again. With life, it's different. And this is why the object of International Rescue will never change. Your job is to save lives that are in danger. And that's how it's going to be, always.

  • Notes

    • Grandma does not appear in this episode.

    • Lord Worden previously appeared as Sir Jeremy Hodge in The Perils of Penelope. Tony Williams (Cry Wolf) can be seen at the launching of Ocean Pioneer II.

    • This is John's only rescue, despite the fact he says he's been on a dozen or so. Scott comments he's been on them all. Unless he's forgetting he didn't play an active role in The Perils of Penelope, then this episode precedes both The Perils of Penelope and Atlantic Inferno.

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