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ITV (ended 1966)



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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Thunderbirds (2004)

      In the year 2010, billionaire and former astronaut, Jeff Tracy, took his five sons to an uncharted, tropical island. There, they built the headquarters for International Rescue; an organization dedicated to helping those in need, whenever disaster struck. They've come to be known by the name they gave their incredible machines: Thunderbirds. (Taken from the theatrical trailer) However, at the age of 14, and the youngest Tracy, Alan always felt left out when his older brothers would go on their rescue missions... until a mysterious villain, named the Hood, fires a missile on Thunderbird 5 to lure the I.R. away from Tracy Island and trap them on the fractured space station. With them out of the way, the Hood could track down Tracy Island and use the marvelous Thunderbirds to commit robberies making him rich and International Rescue hated. With his family in danger (both their lives and reputation), Alan must team up with nature-fond daughter of Jeff's servant (Kyrano), Tin-Tin, and the brainy, stammering son of Jeff's genius engineer (Brains), Fermat, to rescue the Rescuers and stop the Hood's evil plan.

    • Thunderbird 6
    • Thunderbirds Are Go
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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