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  • Thunderbirds are GO!!!!!!!

    The classic that inspired many other shows and filmmakers, including myself! The marionettes are iconic, the SFX is amazing and the music is some of the best you will ever hear. It's all FAB!
  • Brillant

    Made getting up at 6am each Saturday morning worthwhile.
  • FAB Thunderbirds Are Go!

    Specialized marionettes combined with terrific special effects and great voice acting equal a fantastic series such as this. Everything which puts CGI to shame.

    For many years now, man has worked to perfect the material things in this world, and he's done pretty well for himself. If a building falls down, he can soon build it up again. With life, it's different. (Jeff Tracy, voice of Peter Dyneley; 01x22 Danger at Ocean Deep) This is the object of International Rescue, a secret organization run by retired billionaire Jeff Tracy, and his five brave sons; Scott, John, Virgil, Gordon and Alan, all of whom pilot the Thunderbird craft. We follow the various daring rescues made by the organization.

    I will not lie, the works of Gerry Anderson were unknown to me for a long time. I only discovered his works in puppetry and beyond a year ago. As a kid however, I have vague memories of my dad having an episode ("Day of Disaster") on before I went to bed. I walked in on the disaster scene when the Martian Space Probe falls off the Allington Bridge. Being a fragile little twit, I was terrified by the puppets. I also think I have vauge memories of seeing some of the stupid FOX Kids redubs from the 90's.

    Compared to today's effortless and redundant craze with CGI, "Thunderbirds" and by extent all other Supermarionation series are a rarity. What sets "Thunderbirds" apart from the others is the heartwarming plotline, the innovative special effects which would be used commonly in the future and all the iconic characters of the series. Those are certainly reasons I love the series.

    The series has held up greatly for a series made in the 1960's and is still enjoyable to this day. While the series didn't have the unpredictable and particularly dark outcome that its successor series did, the fun was watching how International rescue pulled off their impossible rescues; no matter how much you knew they'd overcome in the end with heart warming results.
  • Ready for adventure!

    Thunderbirds is the 1967 British Sci-Fi adventure series created by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson (who would later make the more serious sci-fi series Space:1999) in which all the characters were marionettes (labeled as "Supermarionation").

    The series tells the adventures of the Tracy family, a widower & his 5 sons who run a secret organization called International Rescue that performs rescues from hazardous situations whether the disaster is caused by man, machine, or even nature.

    Despite it's campy appearance, this was 1 of the best syndicated kid's shows ever to hit American TV, long before the advent of Japanese animation.

    And as a proud fan since i first saw this show on Chicago TV back in the 1970's, it gives me a thrill every time that famous Thunderbirds theme right after the opening countdown & that famous line: THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO!!
  • Awful Puppeteering, or the Best Show that Gerry Anderson ever created.

    F.A.B is the word.
    Tracy is the Name.
    Thunderbirds are go.

    A fantatsic show, espiecially for its time. of course the Puppets weren't always the most reliable, but the story telling and the action were fantastic, although at times slightly predictable.
    It was even set in a time were it was possible for the technology to be plausable. It was fantastically planned.
    My personal Favorite was Thunderbird 4 and the Mole, but everyone had their Favorites. That is what made it awesome, everyone who watched had their own individual aspect they enjoyed about it. A Legend of a Program. Even the Movie was relativly accurate. Its a Rare show that can pull it off.

    FAB is all i have to say
  • Nice one!

    You know what I like about this show: it takes me back in time to the days when I loved to play with toys, the days when I used to spend the whole afternoon in the bedroom of a friend of mine playing on the floor with our toys, late into the night, imitating the sound of jet engines with our mouths, crashing our plastic planes into one another, mimicking gunfights, battles, explosions. A few weeks ago I was surprised to find that Chilean TV is replaying the show on Sundays. Last time I had seen one episode must have been fifteen years ago or more, I don't know. I watched and I found myself transported through time back to those days. I can't play with toys anymore, I have lost that childhood thing for toys. But watching the show I re-live the magic of toys, I feel again the beauty and the spell of toy trains, toy cars, toy trucks, toy soldiers, toy planes, etc. And I didn't remember the show looking so gorgeously great on TV (perhaps the reason for that is that back then I watched the show in black and white). Big fun from past!
  • Thunderbirds was a major part of my childhood.

    Everything stopped for Thunderbirds. It did not matter how many times we watched the episodes they remained as fresh as the first viewing. There is a lot of camp humour about the puppets dangling around on their strings but I never noticed that much due to the brilliant idea of never making the characters actually walk. Seriously you watch the TV episodes again you never see anyone put one foot in front of the other. Even the lithe brave Tracys scoot around on little hoverbikes that defy all the laws of physics.

    All this did not matter I simply adored everything about the Thunderbirds series. If I was not watching it I was building Thunderbird craft out of LEGO or sawing the crude wheels of the few Thunderbird toys that were available. Then Captain Scarlet came along and shot down the Thunderbirds. That was quite a good series but it never gripped me as much. Then the years rolled by with only TV21 to keep my appetite for the show nourished until even that with its full colour photos from the show came to an end. Reluctantly I had to leave the Tracy's world and return to my own. AND THEN! The entire series was released on DVD. I had to own it! With trepidation I inserted the first disk . Would the show seem childish and crude against my current diet of StarTrek, Starwars and all the others. Not a bit, as soon as that countdown began once again and the screen was rocked by those explosions I had seen so many times before I was hooked ! Again I was amazed at how fresh and alive the episodes are even after all these years. Even the special effects hold their own in our CGI world. Thunderbirds is an absolute classic. If you have never watched it then I envy you.
  • Thunderbirds Are Go!

    Ah Thunderbirds. This show harks back to a Golden era of childrens programming where it was simple, enjoyable and well made.

    They don't make TV like this anymore. My only real gripe with the show is the uneven amount of time the characters appeared but that unimportant.

    Each episode was well constructed, leisurely paced and excellently voiced. The stories had plently of variety, one week they could be rescuing people from a burning building the next pulling a mech out of a hole. The were ups and downs. Injuries and moments of triumph. And it was uncomplicated. The brothers did not have girlfriends, there was no internet and very few shades of grey.

    It should not be forgotten.
  • Horrible show. I can't see how anyone can stand it.

    This show is really bad, not just because of the puppets. (Though that is a part of it.) I, unlike most people, won't say a show is good because it's age. I won't say it is bad because of its age either, that shouldn't be a factor.

    First off, the show is really boring. I find the plot tedious and slow paced. And when the story actually does start to become interesting (which is rarely) it is ruined by the damn puppets. I can enjoy animation, and even some of the muphet movies, but this is just awful. The puppets look stupid, and you can see the strings. It would be funny if it was a parody/comedy, but it isn't. It was intended to be serious, and in my opinion it failed miserably.

    Unless you enjoy cheesy puppets and poor repetitive plot, I suggest you avoid watching this show.
  • Old show. Classic show.

    Xtremely ace. I Sore it when i was 6 or so. I tended to like. Not as much now. But is awsome and people did wicked job at the charectors and all that. Its a very good show and was well build and made. Never 10, But always good
  • Childhood Favourite

    I never watched this show in it's original airing, but on the airing from the 90's from tape. This show is one of the best ever made, The special effects and writing stand out as two of the best qualities of the show. Near every episode is fantastic, But all are watchable. Classic.