Thunderbirds - Season 2

ITV (ended 1966)




Episode Guide

  • 12/25/66
    Two bank robbers stow away on a rocket full of toys destined for a children's hospital.
  • Ricochet
    Episode 6
    An orbital pirate radio station may burn up in the atmosphere with both its DJ and sound engineer onboard.
  • 10/23/66
    A storm-damaged solar power station threatens to engulf an Italian village in flames.
  • 10/16/66
    When Lady Penelope models in a fashion show on Brains' newly designed airliner, hijackers try to steal the outfits made from a revolutionary fabric.
  • 10/9/66

    A South American construction project is nearly under way, and the final testing of the newly invented Crablogger -- a powerful forest-clearing machine -- has proven successful. To celebrate the event, and to go over plans one more time, the project leader takes the Crablogger crew out to eat.

    Had they noticed the deplorable conditions inside the kitchen, the men would surely have passed on dinner and gladly gone to work hungry the next morning. The foreman wisely orders the steak, but the Crablogger crew each chooses the house special. Apparently the only thing special about it is its ability to cause food poisoning.

    One man gets violently ill before work the next morning, which makes him the lucky one. The other two seem fine and proceed with the project, but it isn't long before they succumb to their illnesses. They both pass out at the controls, leaving the massive machine to gobble everything in its path.

    When it's determined that the Crablogger is headed straight for a new dam, International Rescue is called to the scene. They arrive in time to cut through the machine, but lack the knowledge to initiate the shutdown sequence.

    Penelope is called in to contact the Crablogger's inventor. She unfortunately encounters nothing but trouble along the way, whether it be from a stubborn security guard or an accident victim she feels compelled to assist. Will she be able to get the code from the Crablogger's inventor, who is by now at home fast asleep?

    She'd better, because the fuel in his creation is potent enough to blow 50 square miles sky-high, taking Brains and Virgil with it. Can International Rescue stop the deadly Crablogger in its tracks?

  • Atlantic Inferno
    Episode 1

    While Jeff vacations with Lady Penelope in Australia, Scott must coordinate the rescue at an oil drilling platform when a navy test goes awry.