Season 1 Episode 2

Ancient Spirits of Evil

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 29, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • Ancient Spirits of Evil

    Ancient Spirits of Evil was another perfect episode of the new Thundercats and I really enjoyed watching this episode because the plot took an interesting twist. It seems General Grune had other ideas for his return home and Claudus was betrayed by one of his greatest friends. Grune said Panthero was dead but then he seemed to be held hostage by Grune which ended up being a cool scenario and great way to introduce the Ancient Spirits of Evil, primarily Mumm-Ra. The animation was awesome, great story line and character archs. The Cat Kingdom is falling and Lion-o takes his place as Lord of the Thundercats. I really look forward to getting into this series. I can't wait to watch the next episode!!!!!!!