Season 1 Episode 2

Ancient Spirits of Evil

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 29, 2011 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Slithe is a mutant from the original series. In this series, he is a General of the lizards who serve Mum-Ra.

    • Larry Kenney, who does the voice work for King Claudus, was the voice actor for Lion-O in the original version of Thundercats.

  • Quotes

    • Tygra: We've lost our kingdom, our father, the Sword... We lost everything...
      Lion-O: This is my fault Tygra... I didn't know what it meant at the time, but... I did see a vision through the Sword... Mumm-ra...
      Tygra: And you told no one?! This is exactly why you aren't fit to be king! Your decisions always bring disaster!
      Lizard: Supper time. I brought you a very special meal...
      Lion-O: Hey! Remember me?! I granted you mercy! A chance for peace between our species, and this is how you repay me?! You can't even look at me now!
      Lizard: Just eat your supper...
      Tygra: What's that?
      Lion-O: (Looks down, seeing something shiny in the gruel, which turns out to be a key.) Sometimes my decisions bring disaster, and sometimes they bring a key...

    • Grune: Your rule has come to a long overdue end Claudus. Now drop your inferior weapons. How can you defeat technology if you don't even understand it? (Silence all around, with only the sound of weapons powering up.)
      Lion-O: Luckily I know a thing or two about it, you traitor! (Sends a bomb flying through the air to detonate against an enemy vessel in a massive explosion.)

    • Tygra: (After shooting a technology blaster for the first time.) I could get used to this.

    • Mumm-ra: You are Jaga, sorcerer to the dead king...
      Jaga: And you are even more grotesque than the stories suggested.
      Mumm-ra: Did your stories neglect to tell you that the stone in that sword is mine? (Tries to touch the sword and receives a hard shock.) I want it back!
      Jaga: I'm afraid an ancient spell prevents the sword from being touched by the hands of evil...
      Mumm-ra: That is why you're going to remove the spell.
      Jaga: Never!

    • Claudus: I'm going after Panthro!
      Tygra: You can't leave the protection of the Clerics!
      Claudus: And I can't leave my friend with those monsters! (Races off to save Panthro.)

    • Grune: (Tearing away his ThunderCat insignia and armor.) You sent me out to find the Book of Omens, Claudus. Instead, I found this... Ultimate power. (Powers up his technology mace and destroys a nearby lion statue.)
      Claudus: You would betray your own speciies?!
      Grune: My allegiance to you has earned me nothing. Therefore I have aligned myself with a superior force... And I will take what I want.
      Claudus: Never!
      Grune: There's no need to resort to violence, I'm quite willing to make a deal for the Sword.
      Claudus: There is nothing you have that I want.
      (Grune gestures to Slythe, who reveals Pantho, held prisoner.)
      Grune: Do we have a deal? (Claudus growls, and holds tightly to the Sword.) I didn't think you'd go for it. I guess I will just have to take the Sword from you.
      Claudus: You are forgetting one thing Grune... Jaga's Clerics... (Jaga and his Clerics come racing forward, joining the fray at super speed.)

    • (After seeing the destruction that the technology has brought upon Thundera.)
      Lion-O: I can't believe it Snarf! Technology was my dream... How did it become my nightmare?

    • (After emerging from the enormous rock.)
      Lizard: It was getting a bit rank in there General Slythe.
      Slythe: A night in that rock is nothing compared to how long I've waited to set foot inside the Cat's impenetrable castle.

    • Claudus: (Addressing the troops.) Thundera once again turns to you, noble warriors, to defend her. Tonight, as we go into battle, I only ask that you fight like cats. For our ancestors. For the pride!

    • (After his father's disapproval of Lion-O's decision to release the lizards, and the subsequent results.)
      Lion-O: He's lost all faith in me Jaga...
      Jaga: What is important is that you do not lose faith in yourself.

    • (Looking out over the ruins of Thundera.)
      Lion-O: This is only the beginning...

    • Jaga: Your left arm... (Everyone kneels around Lion-O.) For the Eye of Thundera, and the Sword of Omens... (The Claw Shield begins to glow around Lion-O's arm.) Now Lion-O... Lord of the ThunderCats... Go...
      Cheetara: You're going with us Jaga...
      Jaga: I will only slow you down... At least this way I can buy you time to get to safety... The Book of Omens lies at the foot of the setting sun... You must find it before Mumm-Ra does...
      Lion-O: I can't do this alone!
      Jaga: You won't have to... You have everything you need Lion-O. Whatever questions remain, the answers are in the Book of Omens. Find it! Now go! Go!

    • Lion-O: You took my father's life... But you won't take his sword! Thunder... Thunder... THUNDER!!! THUNDERCATS!!! HOOOOOOO!!!
      Mumm-ra: You cannot comprehend the forces you are dealing with... Ancient Spirits of Evil, transform this decayed form, into Mumm-ra! The Ever! Aaaaaggghhhhhhh!!!

    • (After Mumm-ra reveals himself.)
      Jaga: The day I have always feared has arrived... Clerics... To the death!
      Mumm-ra: You are but insects to the power of Mumm-ra!!! The ever!!! Living!!!

    • Lion-O: Where are you going?
      Claudus: To show the lizards that the Sword of Omens is the greatest weapon of them all... Thundercats, HOOOOOO!!! (Races through the armada of lizards, knocking them and Grune aside easily.)
      Panthro/Mumm-ra: You came for me...
      Claudus: I'd fight an army twice that size to save you old friend... Now help me!
      Lion-O: FATHER!!! (Panthro/Mumm-ra draws a knife from hiding, mortally wounding Claudus.) NOOOOOO!!! (Claudus falls to the water below.) Father...
      Claudus: (Speaking with his last breath.) No matter what happens... You've made me proud today...
      Lion-O: You! A traitor too, Panthro!?
      Panthro/Mumm-ra: Not quite. Have you not considered that if technology is real, then so are the things of your worst nightmares? (Reveals himself to be Mumm-ra.)
      Lion-O: Mumm-ra...

    • Slythe: How quickly things change for the cats... From top predator, to endangered species, in a single day! (Presses the button to detonate the charges on the bridge.)

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