Season 1 Episode 2

Ancient Spirits of Evil

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 29, 2011 on Cartoon Network



  • Quotes

    • Lion-O: Where are you going?
      Claudus: To show the lizards that the Sword of Omens is the greatest weapon of them all... Thundercats, HOOOOOO!!! (Races through the armada of lizards, knocking them and Grune aside easily.)
      Panthro/Mumm-ra: You came for me...
      Claudus: I'd fight an army twice that size to save you old friend... Now help me!
      Lion-O: FATHER!!! (Panthro/Mumm-ra draws a knife from hiding, mortally wounding Claudus.) NOOOOOO!!! (Claudus falls to the water below.) Father...
      Claudus: (Speaking with his last breath.) No matter what happens... You've made me proud today...
      Lion-O: You! A traitor too, Panthro!?
      Panthro/Mumm-ra: Not quite. Have you not considered that if technology is real, then so are the things of your worst nightmares? (Reveals himself to be Mumm-ra.)
      Lion-O: Mumm-ra...