Season 1 Episode 13

Between Brothers

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 25, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • As Lion-O and Tygra are in the Astral plane looking for the Spirit stone, the rest is outside trying to defend the Elephant Village from Grune, Slithe and the Lizards.


    Between Brothers is supposed to be the season finale. It certaintly feels like it. To me this episode almost rival the premiere of how good it is. We all know for a while now the that Lion-O and Tygra fights over Cheetara, how Panthro and Grune's fight is inevitable. We get those answers now, and for me it's almost the best what has happend with this series and i'm curious on what is gonna happen next.

    At the end of "Into the Astral Plane" Lion-O and Tygra went with each other into the Astral Plane to fin the Spirit stone, while the others wait outside. Out there, the lizard army is slowly grouping up to march for one final attack against the Elephants. Grune wants to attack right away but Slithe says they need to wait a little cause Mumm-Ra is in the Astal Plane, attacking now could make it so he is stuck there forever. Grune points out that it might not be such a bad thing he would be trapped and they give each other a smile. Everything seems hopeless as it looks like to be everyone from the entire army. Knowing that they can't stop them, Panthro does what he can to hold em off by putting out those bombs/mines we saw used in the premiere.

    Meanwhile in the Astral Plane, Lion-O and Tygra get to relive a memory from their childhood. They both are in an area which is forbidden for some reason and as a kid, of course you wanna go there? What ever is said "don't do that" or "leave it alone" is not gonna be alone or not visited right? While there, Tygra taunts Lion-O saying he's scared. After walking and jumping around for a while they find a hole with a log over it. Tygra runs over it pretty quick but Lion-O stops cause he's scared. Again Tygra taunts him to go over which Lion-O eventually tries. While on the middle of the log Tygra breaks it so Lion-O falls it. Afraid he's gonna get in trouble for this he leaves Lion-O in the pit and runs off. Later on after feeling so guilty his little brother is down there cause of him, he run's to Claudus and says Lion-O's in trouble.

    Outside the battle has started. The Lizard forces is marching up the mountain for the Elephant Village. Some of them are falling for Panthro's trick, but Grune later comes and with his big thing destroys the remaining ones with a blast for each one. Eventually they reach the top and the fight starts. The Elephants which never fight sat themselves somewhere to meditate on what to do which means they are not present at the moment.

    Back in the Astral plane the jealousy between Lion-O and Tygra escalades. Tygra points out the differences between them as unfair and Lion-O just says it's what it should be. From the Astal plane Tygra get's himself his own Sword of Omens and they both fight. In the end Tygra is the victor and does a "This is Sparta" on Lion-O so he falls into the hole. While using his clawshield to grapple himself against the wall he begs for Tygra's help, but yet again he leaves. Not far this time, has begin to think of what he's done and what his true feelings are. Next we see that he jumped down to save Lion-O saying "I would never betray you, not then, not now".

    Outside again the battle continues, eventually Panthro and Grune start to fight and the battle is really intense and it seems they are both equals when it comes to fighting. They fight with their weapons but later says they should settle it with their fists.

    Inside again Mumm-Ra makes an appearance and this time with a new transformation that's way better then the one we saw in Episode Six "Journey to the Tower of Omens". While he runt's about wanting the stones etc, Lion-O finds out that they have been standing on the Spirit stone the whole time. While knowing the whole Astral Planes ground now is the Spirit stone, Lion-O hit's it with his gauntlet to gain the gain the Power of it and the stone itself. Like in the Legacy episode, he "transforms" but only cause he has one stone he only get the Omens armor for this left arm. With this new power he gives Mumm-Ra a blast which sent him flying into the horizon(Well.. Far away). With the stone gone, the ground start to collapse so both Tygra and Lion-O tries to get out before it's to late.

    Outside the battle get's even more fierce. The Elephants join the party and with that help they drive the Lizards away. The Astral Plane portal is closing and making a draft which tries to pull nearby stuff in. Lion-O and Tygra eventually makes it out but Panthro and Grune are to close to be able to run off. Grune get's taken by the force and grabs on to Panthro. The portal closes and thanks to Grune, Panthro loses his arms. Now with the battle over and the Thundercats acquiring the Spirit stone they have a party to celebrate. Lion-O goes and checks on Panthro with his arms and tells him that he will be ok. Someplace else in the village Cheetara and Tygra finally confront each other about their feelings and kiss. Lion-O sees this and seems to be very confused as the episode ends.

    Most people i've talked to does not like this development at all. I'm not sure why, we've been told this story is gonna be darker and more movielike and it certainly feels like it. I was happy that Tygra did not go complete evil which i really got afraid for at some times. Panthro loosing his arms i'm not sure what to say, he probably will get them back somehow maybe mechanical or getting them restored in some manner by magic? It's impossible to say right now. Overall one of the best episode to date and i can't wait for the show to get back after the new year.

  • Between Brothers


    Between Brothers was a perfect episode of The Thundercats and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development. It was very interesting to watch Lion-O and Tygra have it out and bring their issues into the open. It was awesome to get some answers to pressing matters such as who has the interest of Cheetara. I couldn't believe what happened to Panthro. It was cool that the Elephants finally stepped up and defended their village which was fun to see. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!