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What Is Your Favorite Season 1 Two Parter?

What Is Your Favorite Season 1 Two Parter?

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    Since the Two Parters highlight some of the biggest turning points in the Season, I figured it would be interesting to ask others which of these turning points was their favorite. The last option is for if you like more then one Two Parter. Having said that, I liked all four of Season 1's Two Parters!

    The Sword of Omens and Ancient Spirits of Evil (also known as Omens) was a great way to kick off the whole Series! One of the best surprises was Larry Kenny (the Original Series voice of Lion-O) voicing Lion-O's Dad (and Tygra's adoptive dad), Claudus. The team's initial "Power Trio" of Lion-O, Tygra and Cheetara received good focus with WilyKat & WilyKit being introduced before joining the team and all setting up questions that would be answered later on. Mumm-Ra made his big introduction by establishing himself as a bigger threat then his Original Series counterpart and Grune (who was a minor, but popular villain in the Original Series) was realized to more potential as Mumm-Ra's (initial) second-in-command! Claudus was given more prominence then his Original Series counterpart, as well.

    Into The Astral Plane and Between Brothers gave a lot of prominence to Tygra and Cheetara and showed the first steps of the "Royal Bros." revolving their differences (which concluded in Native Son). We also received the (for the time being) conclusion to the conflict between Panthro and Grune; I was quite pleased that Panthro didn't do the usual "hero saves villain routine" and that he actually pushed Grune into the collapsing portal. I wasn't expecting Panthro to loose his arms, but I'm certain that we haven't seen the last of Grune (later episodes showed the Astral Plane to still exist, I think he's just trapped there for awhile to give Kaynar and Addicus time to shine). The Astral Plane, itself, was also a very intriguing place. I had nothing against Tygra and Cheetara hooking up and I figured Lion-O would need time to accept it (as we see he does by the next Two Parter).

    Trials of Lion-O was not just a (condensed) adaptation of the epic Original Series Five Parter, but also was an especially big turing point in the Season! After getting a preview of the threat they were in the previous episode (New Alliances), this Two Parter show cased the danger of the General Trio to great extent! I was very surprised that Lion-O was killed, but it made for an interesting take on the Trials and showcased other aspects of the Spirit Stone. I found it interesting that Lion-O's opponents were Spirit Replicas of his teammates. I also liked that Lion-O was not the only one to learn lessons in this Two Parter and that his teammates also learned lessons (namely, the pressures Lion-O is under). Tygra and WilyKit received particular prominence besides Lion-O himself; the former learning his strengths and weaknesses as leader compared to his brother and further mends their bound (which, again, concludes in the next episode, Native Son) and the latter for her undying faith in Lion-O's return, which seems to set up a "metaphorical big brother/little sister bound" between them (which gets revisited in the next Two Parter). This Two Parter is, most prominently, the point when Lion-O becomes a more mature and resourceful leader and his biggest character development.

    What Lies Above had parallels to the Two Part Mid-Season 1 Finale that shows similarities and differences to the team's previous Power Stone ordeal. We also get another Original Series vehicle, the Feliner! Vultaire (like the other 4 "Mutants") received great treatment in the New Series and actually gets a "proper introduction" unlike his Original Series counterpart; it was also awesome to see "the Big 4" all together in New Series. Seeing the "Royal Bros." come along way with their bond was also a nice touch. Seeing how the Birds interactions with the Cats differed from the interactions with the Elephants was also a nice touch, especially the Birds hypocrisy towards the Cats. Pumyra's turn to the Dark Side was a very unexpected surprise and was very courageous move on the Crew's part (as Grune was the only treacherous Cat in the Original Series). The Kittens bringing the allies to help out was also a great surprise! Having Mumm-Ra win the battle (like he did in Birth of the Blades) by taking the Tech Stone continues to help establish him as a serious threat and raises the stakes for our heroes! I also liked the references to The Empire Strikes Back (Avista City=Cloud City, Bad Guys winning, etc.), it made the Star Wars fan in me very happy! WilyKit's pep-talk to Lion-O at the Two Parter's end was also very heartwarming and shows that"metaphorical big brother/little sister bound" we saw in Trials of Lion-O once again (I would like to see more of that friendship in Season 2) and puts the episode in a "bitter-sweet ending".

    I am sure hopeful that we do get Season 2 and now it's your turn to voice your opinions!

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