Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 02, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • Legacy


    Legacy was a perfect episode of Thundercats and I really enjoyed watching this episode because Lion-O is taken within the Book Of Omens and has to re-enact the past in the body of his ancestor in order to gain access to the Book Of Omens. It was awesome to see more background about The Book Of Omens and The Sword and Gauntlet and Mumm-Ra. The animation was awesome and Mumm-Ra's pyramid ship was sweet, it reminded me of a Goa'uld Mothership from Stargate SG-1. I almost wish they would do an animated series of Stargate SG-1 starting from the beginning in the same style as this show. Anyhow there was a lot of plot and character development in this episode and now Lion-o has a specific mission giving shape to his quest. I look forward to watching the next episode of Thundercats!!!!!!!!!

  • Lion-O tries to open the Book of omens. He "succedes" and get to relive the events of his ancestor Leo.


    This episode is great in one sense that it explores the past (or the future like they joke about in the episode) of the Thundercats. We get told to us that the Thundercats did work for Mumm-Ra all those generations ago. With the Thundercats under his command they tried to find the "Warstones". What ever these are we don't know yet, only that ONE of them is the "Eye of Thundera".

    We get told how the Sword of Omens was made, which felt kinda rushed. It was over before you know it and i really hope we get some more info from this later. One problem i also had with the episode is that Lion-O get to take over Leo's body rather then him being an observer. It does not give us any sense of who Leo really was which is a shame. What was good Lion-O being in control is that this seemed like a trial for him. Jaga told him that if he does not complete this the Book of Omens will be closed for him forever, which is quite a long time.Mumm-Ra and Leo also have one epic battle. By epic i don't mean i like it which i don´t. Both of them uses the four warstones (two each + one in the Sword of Omens) and gets "transforms" into some super warrior Power Rangers style. This i was not a fan of, giving them enhanced abilities, magic or what ever but the stones game them tech. I'm sorry i just can't grasp that. Magic.. ERHM.. Tech-Stones that give them super armor? It's hard to explain, you have to watch the episode and make your own decision of what you think about it. After the battle which Leo wins, Mumm-Ra goes back to his mummy form and loses the warstones to Leo. Leo get's told that the spaceship is heading for a collision with Third Earth. Besides all this we get to see a lot of the races that will soon inhabit Third earth. The races are all the familiar ones we know and love from the Thundercats universe and maybe some one new ones are there aswell.

    All in all, the episode was great. I like the way we get to see the past, get to know more about Mumm-Ra, the stones, the Sword of Omens and how they made it to Third earth. It's a good background episode... Except the Power Ranger transformations and that i would want Lion-O to be an observer rather thenparticipater regarding the book.

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