Season 1 Episode 14

New Alliances

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 24, 2012 on Cartoon Network

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  • New Alliances

    Thundercats is finally back from it's break. It's been a long wait but it has been worth it!

    "New Alliances" takes place sometime after Between Brothers. The Thundercats have been clearing of the small part of Mumm-Ra's Lizard army in a rocky area. Back at the Berbil villiage, Panthro is getting robotic arms to replace those he lost in the prior episode. First the Berbils "install" Berbillike hands which Panthro does not like. Later on though he gets the arms "he wanted" and everyone is happy. Lion-O also talks to Tygra and Cheetara about the love triangle which did not really explain or add much to it, i'm not suprised though cause of all the Lizard patrols they have been stopping.

    In the meantime of all this, Mumm-Ra talks to Slithe about how worthless the Lizard army is. Fleeing at the mere sight of a Thundercats, he wants Slithe to go find him new generals. Kaynar and Addicus is this series version of Monkian and Jackalman. Fierce and dangerous these two characters are superb. Jackalman is acting sort of like "The Joker" from The Batman series, a crazy psychopath who likes killing more then anything else. Monkian/Addicus is a big and strong Barbarian which is not as crazy but still as Kaynar but still a welcome addition to the villain roster .

    After an introduction of those characters and some other stuff battle breaks loose with Slithe and his two new generals and the Thundercats. What is intresting here is that the Thundercats lose the battle. Even Slithe bested Lion-O which is good in my opinion. The heroes are strong but not THAT strong that they can beat the generals alone at this moment.

    After surrendering the fight. Slithe give orders to execute the Thundercats, just when they needed him the post Panthro shows up with a new upgraded Thundertank. He jumps out of the Tank and also shows up his arms which can streatch almost the same as Luffy (the main characters of One Piece). Saving the rest of the Thundercats, all of them jump into the tank and drive away from their enemies.

    This episode is a really a mixed bag. I like the new additions with Kaynar and Addicus, also the new tank and arms. What i dont like or can't really comment upon is everything else. Not much really happend Storywise other then the two new generals and the battle. Still the episode is a great addition to the series. As i already know what will happen somewhat in the upcoming episodes about Lion-Os Trials, this episode is a good prequal to that two parter.