Season 1 Episode 5

Old Friends

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Aug 19, 2011 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Panthro has a tail in his training that is mysteriously absent from both present scenes and the later flashbacks.

    • Villain Debut: The Driller

    • Tygra: What's a samoflange?

      This is a tongue in cheek in joke reference to a line in the original series and a blooper, where Panthro says something very similar, saying "Get your foot off of my samoflange." The rare bloopers reel, which is searchable on YouTube (as ThunderCats Blooper Reel), has some hilarious line reading sessions gone askew with the various cast members. In it, Panthro says the line, and Lion-O says "What the **** is a samoflange?!"

    • It is currently unknown how Panthro got that cut on his eye, or how Grune lost one of his fangs.

  • Quotes

    • Panthro: You sure have a motley crew on your hands, kid. It's a miracle you survived this long without any adult supervision.
      Lion-O: We've been doing just fine under my command.
      Panthro: If you wanna stay alive, you're gonna have to listen to me!
      Lion-O: I'm the King now Panthro...
      Panthro: Ha!!! Could have fooled me... Your father? Now he was a leader.
      Cheetara: The King fought with his last breath, trying to save Thundera... In the end, Grune's betrayal was too much to overcome...
      Panthro: Grune... We've been inseparable every since that first day we met on the battlefield...

    • Panthro: I guess your father's sword wound up in the right hands after all. I served him proudly and you can expect the same.
      Lion-O: So you think that when we get to fix the ThunderTank, I can drive it?
      Panthro: Not a King.

    • Lion-O: (To Snarf and the ThunderCubs.) Wait for us here. We'll be back before dark.
      Panthro: If we don't all die first...

    • Grune: (Staring at a piece of Thundrillium crystal.) Thundrillium... The life blood of Mumm-ra's army... And it is under my control...

    • Tygra: (Mockingly, as he encourages Lion-O to talk Panthro, who is in a foul mood while repairing the ThunderTank.) Go on Lord of the ThunderCats... See if your loyal subject needs help fixing his tank... That is... Unless you're scared...
      Lion-O: Hey Panthro...
      Panthro: Go away! Can't you see I'm busy?!
      Lion-O: Oh come on!!! You really just going to ignore us forever?! What are you so grumpy about anyway?!
      Panthro: ... You're standing on my samoflange...
      Lion-O: (Shifting his weight.) Ah... Sorry... (Clears his throat.) Look, maybe I can help... I've dabbled in a little tech myself...
      Panthro: The ThunderTank's out of Thundrillium... Now I've got to risk my hide to get more at the Cloud Peak Mine...
      Lion-O: If you're going after Thundrillium, we're going with you... Panthro: Let me put this as respectfully as I can... No...
      Lion-O: I am the King now, General...
      Panthro: Fine... If you slow me down or get in my way, you're on your own. Any questions...?
      Tygra: What's a samoflange?

    • Lion-O: (Watching Panthro work on repairing the ThunderTank.) I thought he'd be smaller...
      Cheetara: I thought he'd be less spikey...

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