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  • Great show

    Unlike the past one (that has Lion-O as a child being in a man's body), this one is very realistic and I don't know that's it. What got me a little upset is that Cheetara chose Tygra over Lion-O, but I still love it, despite it's plot. The elephants made me laugh in the series. But what got me so angry is everytime a new show comes to Cartoon Network, and it was getting good, immediately the channel cancels it for a short period of time. Honestly, I HATE HOW NETWORKS CANCEL THE GOOD SHOWS! FOR GOD'S SAKE, GIVE THEM A CHANCE!!!!!!!! But anyways, the show was good, but I still miss it.
  • Great

    I really liked this animated show. The only problem that I saw was that it seemed to feel like the story ened much too quickly before it coul ssettle in with us. Should have lastd a few episodes longer. Plus, CN originally put this on CN for kids but I think it got parental complaint which is how it ended up on Adult Swim. This as been happening a lot recently and I`m just pointing this out.
  • getting bored of waiting

    This as bad as waiting for harry potter books to finish. can't someone kick them up the bum to make them go faster please

    Finish the series.
  • CATS RULE!! Oranges Drool.

    I Loved this original was good but this had more Interpersonal would HATE CN if they replaced it with that Stupid Annoying orange crap.
  • Step aside lightning becuase Thunder is alot Better

    I think the show has great animation. The show looks amazing, very pretty. As for the characters I think that they all have really good inspiration. We understand there motives and they always learn from there mistakes. I never watched the original but this show is pretty dam good. The story has been used before but it's a remake of the original. So maybe when the original came out the plot was hadn't been used a million times. Sometimes the lizards are a little annoying when there trying to be cute.
  • I wonder why

    well it is kinda of stupid question , but it bogs me why some of the Thundercats have tails and the others don't XD
  • THUNDERCATS HO!!!!!! to blow


    The new beginning a good start of the new version of Thundercats with a unique story of episode 1 and 2. As compared to the 80's, everyone like the 80's version but it said that the new version told it in more depth. But it got gone wrong after words from episode 3 and to the latest episode. As i watch it. I like to see some old episodes made for 2011 version to

    gain more ratings for series. This is my first review. but i give the new

    version, 5.0 on how good it is in graphics, story lines. Whats next for

    the cats on new take on the original 1980s animated series as i am not

    going to judge but i can say the 80's get 10/10 as i know story line well

    as a child and they knew what they were doing as a story follows

  • Thundercats is very good

    its a great show and stays true to its roots from the 80s
  • The new cartoon is up and running and so far 8 episodes have aired on Cartoon Network. What's the series like? Well I have to say its pretty damn good.


    The new cartoon is up and running and so far 8 episodes have aired on Cartoon Network. What's the series like? Well I have to say its pretty damn good.
    The animation style is modernized to lok very Japanese Anime-like. Which all in all is not a bad thing., You get used to the stylized looks of the characters.There's plenty of references and nods to the old Rankin Bass series and even the sister series Silverhawks and Tigersharks.
    The story line thus far is pretty much all setup and unsurprisingly so as they need to introduce these characters to the new generations. For older viewers like myself that hearken from the 80's version the story is satisfyingly and surprisingly grown up.
    8 episodes in and it shows a very different Thundera and setup for the characters. Instead of crash landing in a distant planet this all takes place in their homeworld. Their city is still destroyed though this time its by Mumm-Ra, and their species all but wiped out (at least so far) forcing the young team of Thundercats on a journey to find not a new world, but an ancient artifact that can help them fight (if I may take a line from He-Man) "The Evil forces of..." Mumm-Ra.
    So far the show has shown very good writing and animation, though editing has some issues in recent episodes. Lets hope they can work at that to make the cuts and flow of the story a bit less jarring at times.
    Overall a great start to a revamping of an 80's classic. Worth watching if you are a fan of the original.



    the storyline is pretty gives an idea why the sword and book of omens is important in the series.but there is no info abt any new episodes or seasons anywhere.






  • Time to reboot and go on.


    This new version of the Thundercats is surprisingly good, given the fact that the producers and the writers had to rewrite and rework a series so dear to so many.

    As a fan of the Thundercats, I personally enjoy watching it as an Ultimate version of the Thundercats. I praise the work from the voice cast who are doing such a great job, by giving the characters so much personality. The sound is also great and I enjoy hearing Wilykit and Wilykat's lullaby.

    The characters new background is very good and it's nice to see Lion-O actually having difficulties in handling the Sword of Omens, instead of always knowing how to use it in order to defeat whatever enemies that come their way. Panthro's background story is also very good, because they made him even stronger and wiser than he already was. Wilykit and Wilykat, visually I prefer the 80's version, but when it comes to their background story, I like this version better.

    The villains are also good, and Mumm-Ra's new background is also very good. Can't wait to find out more about the enemies and the allies that the ThunderCats will find in their journey.

    I give this a 9.5, because it still has to prove a thing or two to all of us fans of the ThunderCats.

  • Great show. I havent seen something like this in years.A very bizarre way to retake a good old show. This is a very promising remake. episodes hane everthing: action, a bit of comedy, drama and lots of fiction. I really recommend the show.


    The idea with remake is to have a new image and the story is based on the recuperation of their home. Lion O will learn a lot in the track. I really like this remake even though it has a lot of difference with the original version. A less innocentoshow according to the public expecting it and cool enough be able to catch new fans.
    The concept is very creative and it shows that their taking advantage of the visual technology on hand to create real crazy scenarios and characters
    Very good work and the bar was set way high, o doubt you'll reach it.

  • Well done, CN, you manage to come up with a good action series. Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it.


    It seems lately that Cartoon Network has been scoring right and left with shows that suck and shows that can't be missed. There's no in-between for Cartoon Network.

    Luckily, this rebooted version of Thundercats is one of those shows I look forward to each and every episode. Now, I've heard that this new rebooted version has a new take on the original and it's not completely the same (as for as my knowledge precedes me.) but despite that, it's pretty darn good show.

    The whole castles-and-war theme hasn't been done in a while and it's nice to see a show like that. (Then again, this show is made by the same people who gave Avatar so of course, they love shows that has the characters travel a lot.)

    Also, the score isorchestrated (which I reallyappreciate) and every time I hear a song from the reminds me of Final Fantasy XII. (Message me if you get the exact same vibe.)

    Also, the story is intriguing. Needlessly to say, it seems almost every episode in this show...someone has to die. I haven't seen so many people die in a kid's show since X-Men and Dragon Ball Z.

    My overall opinion is to definitely watch this show. Hardly, you will be disappointed but rather shocked to witness the quality of this show. Good day sir!

  • If you've seen the original ThunderCats, i'm aware there are some changes, but you may still like it.


    ThunderCats is a rehash of the original 80s cartoon. There are some changes, but ThunderCats still roars with fury. The premise, has Lion-O , the new leader of the ThunderCats on a journey to find the Book of Omens. He travels to different regions and meets lots of friends and foes in his path.

    The Animation is pretty clear. Nice shading and the linesare drawn just right. Nice Quailty. The writing is pretty clever and has depth. Character Devlopment a plently. There's lots ofgreat action too. This is likely one of the best action shows CN has had in a while. Surely, a must see