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  • Well done, CN, you manage to come up with a good action series. Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it.


    It seems lately that Cartoon Network has been scoring right and left with shows that suck and shows that can't be missed. There's no in-between for Cartoon Network.

    Luckily, this rebooted version of Thundercats is one of those shows I look forward to each and every episode. Now, I've heard that this new rebooted version has a new take on the original and it's not completely the same (as for as my knowledge precedes me.) but despite that, it's pretty darn good show.

    The whole castles-and-war theme hasn't been done in a while and it's nice to see a show like that. (Then again, this show is made by the same people who gave Avatar so of course, they love shows that has the characters travel a lot.)

    Also, the score isorchestrated (which I reallyappreciate) and every time I hear a song from the reminds me of Final Fantasy XII. (Message me if you get the exact same vibe.)

    Also, the story is intriguing. Needlessly to say, it seems almost every episode in this show...someone has to die. I haven't seen so many people die in a kid's show since X-Men and Dragon Ball Z.

    My overall opinion is to definitely watch this show. Hardly, you will be disappointed but rather shocked to witness the quality of this show. Good day sir!