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ThunderCats Fan Reviews (15)

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  • Time to reboot and go on.


    This new version of the Thundercats is surprisingly good, given the fact that the producers and the writers had to rewrite and rework a series so dear to so many.

    As a fan of the Thundercats, I personally enjoy watching it as an Ultimate version of the Thundercats. I praise the work from the voice cast who are doing such a great job, by giving the characters so much personality. The sound is also great and I enjoy hearing Wilykit and Wilykat's lullaby.

    The characters new background is very good and it's nice to see Lion-O actually having difficulties in handling the Sword of Omens, instead of always knowing how to use it in order to defeat whatever enemies that come their way. Panthro's background story is also very good, because they made him even stronger and wiser than he already was. Wilykit and Wilykat, visually I prefer the 80's version, but when it comes to their background story, I like this version better.

    The villains are also good, and Mumm-Ra's new background is also very good. Can't wait to find out more about the enemies and the allies that the ThunderCats will find in their journey.

    I give this a 9.5, because it still has to prove a thing or two to all of us fans of the ThunderCats.