Season 1 Episode 4

Song of the Petalars

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Aug 12, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • Great TV in just 22 minutes.


    This episode shows the great quality of the new Thundercats. The Petalars episode development is a great example of how 22 minutes of television can be more than enough to create a powerful and touching story, specially for the whole family to enjoy.

    Lion-O's new friend shows that life can be great no matter how long or short it is, since they can't tell the difference, the Petalars feel they have lived an entire [human] life full of friends, experiences and still achieve all their goals in a single day. ¡Great TV!

  • Best episode so far


    Browsing the forums I get this slight disappointment feeling from the fans concerning this episode. I tend to differ.

    It has really everything we loved on the original. Heroism, selflessness, sacrifice and excellent take home messages.

    It starts with the 'Cats being still on the run, chased by the lizards (Slithe is such a badass btw!!!). They end up in a strange forest where they meet the Petalars. A supersweet race of mini flower-people. The Petalars seem to be trapped there for quite some time (or so they think!) and explain to the Thundercats that their quest is to leave this forest and go back home.

    Of course Lion-o and co. do their best to help them, realizing on the way how relative relationships, time and life itself are as the lifespan of a newborn Petalar is merely a day! Epic scene when the lizards found them and the small people ran selflessly and without a second thought to fight giants and aid the 'cats because the latter "were supporting them and their cause ever since they can remember" (more like 18 hours I'd say).

    To wrap it up this was the first episode of the new series bound to become a classic and the only one so far that made me watch it more than once. Leaves a bittersweet feeling in the end though due to the fact that the seemingly new friendship of Lion-o and Emrick (a Petalar) comes to an end inevitably...

    Besides the stuff mentioned above we see our 30yr old fantasy coming true with Cheetara and Lion-o (almost) getting intimate (damn you Snarf!). Panthro is also introduced together with what seems to be the Thundertank.

    'nuff said! Must see! Hope we see the petalars again in the future. Actually I'm pretty convinced we will as they should be playing a greater role in the story.

  • Song of the Petalars


    Song of the Petalars was Perfect in every way and I was breathless at how Beautiful this episode was and it really payed homage to the original series. Slithe and his Lizard army were very formidable. and I thought it was awesome how there are different types with specialties. The Petalars were an amazing race of beings made of Petals I suppose, or Leaves maybe too, but what impressed me the most was their message and the lesson that Lion-o and the others learned. The Petalars were awesome characters and reminded me of Earth Fairies or just Earthy beings which had magic in some ways. Lion-o really had a lot of character growth and development and this episode, I believe, marks the point where he truly embraces his destiny as Lord of The ThunderCats. The ending of this episode was so awesome and surprising which only adds to the over all success of this episode and the series. I definitely have high expectations now after witnessing the cunning of the writers. I look forward to watching the next episode of The ThunderCats!!!!!!!!!

  • One of the best episodes to date!


    When I saw the pilot I had to give it a classic, "doesn't suck" rating as I enjoyed the reimagination and the use of the original Lion-O as the king. This episode, however, blew me away in every way.

    As they met the Petalars we quickly learn that their life span is but a mere day. Yet to them they might as well have lived 100 years because they couldn't tell the difference. This very subtle nuance is what made for some excellent TV.

    As Emerick goes through life he and Lion-O have a friendship that is as close as 2 people can have. Also, Lion-O and the other learn valuable lessons about friendship, honor, and commitment. I had to laugh as Emerick rallied the Petalars with the phrase "The Thundercats have been our friends since we can remeber" and I laugh thinking, it hasn't even been a day yet, but still...

    In the end, I felt like Wiley-Kit and Kat as Emerick crumbled in Lion-Os hands

    The final scene leads to one of the best entrances ever! As the Thundercats stand and fight and are prepared to give there lives, in comes the Bat... I mean Cat-Mobile and who comes out...None other than Panthro! A perfect ending to an outstanding episode.

  • While this episode tries to make us feel for the life and times of these little plant people, and our own lives, they can not successfully pull it off in twenty two minutes.


    While Lion-O and his chums travel along, they find themselves lost in a forested forest thing. They meet these tiny little plant race, who age extremely fast and give the viewer the perception that time is relative and to these littlephotosynthesizing folk, even a minute can seem like a lifetime.

    While they are trying to provide us with a good message here, the episode falls short with laggy pacing and poor construction of the story. It seems it wasn't cleaned up before being put on paper and it really shows in an otherwise lackluster adventure.

    They even throw in a musical montage for a character we meet ten minutes before who dies, and we are supposed to remember all the "good and bad" times we've experience in just the past ten minutes. It is really quite pathetic and a poor example of an episode for this show. It lacked direction, whether or not it had a good meaning or not.

  • Lion-O and the ThunderCats are on the run from a band of lizards, can they escape in a mysterious forest? Overall the episode was fairly good.


    The episode starts out with Lion-O and the ThunderCats continuing their quest, when they realize they are being followed by Slythe and his subordinates. Lion-O makes the decision to hide in the forest, when they run into a small group of plant people called the Petalars, all of which have an extremely short lifespan. All of the Petalars have a dream of finding their original home and Lion-O decides to help them on their quest. The ThunderCats lead the Petalars through the forest and back to their home. Unable to hold off Slythe any longer the ThunderCats make a final stand. Just when they are about to fall, Panthro makes his triumphant debut.

    Overall, the episode was fine. It wasn't great, it wasn't terrible, it was fine. I felt they tried too hard to include a moral to the episode, time that could have been spent further developing Lion-O, Cheetara, Tigra, Wily Kit, Wily Kat, and even Snarf. Indeed, far too much useless story was stuffed into this episode. That being said, the Petalars were cute and despite the short time we saw of them, each one that died pulled, however slightly, at my heart. I wish the Petalars had been connected somehow to the Book of Omens as perhaps guardians or lore keepers so that they would have at least had a bigger impact to the main story rather than simply being filler.

    Probably the biggest thing to take away from this episode is that the ThunderCats have finally found Panthro and he's brought with him transportation!Panthro is big, he's bad, he's ready to roll and hopefully can take the rest of the ThunderCats to someplace or someone more important to the main story arc. Here's hoping the next episode will feature more of Panthro and Mumm-Ra.

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