Season 1 Episode 4

Song of the Petalars

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Aug 12, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • Best episode so far


    Browsing the forums I get this slight disappointment feeling from the fans concerning this episode. I tend to differ.

    It has really everything we loved on the original. Heroism, selflessness, sacrifice and excellent take home messages.

    It starts with the 'Cats being still on the run, chased by the lizards (Slithe is such a badass btw!!!). They end up in a strange forest where they meet the Petalars. A supersweet race of mini flower-people. The Petalars seem to be trapped there for quite some time (or so they think!) and explain to the Thundercats that their quest is to leave this forest and go back home.

    Of course Lion-o and co. do their best to help them, realizing on the way how relative relationships, time and life itself are as the lifespan of a newborn Petalar is merely a day! Epic scene when the lizards found them and the small people ran selflessly and without a second thought to fight giants and aid the 'cats because the latter "were supporting them and their cause ever since they can remember" (more like 18 hours I'd say).

    To wrap it up this was the first episode of the new series bound to become a classic and the only one so far that made me watch it more than once. Leaves a bittersweet feeling in the end though due to the fact that the seemingly new friendship of Lion-o and Emrick (a Petalar) comes to an end inevitably...

    Besides the stuff mentioned above we see our 30yr old fantasy coming true with Cheetara and Lion-o (almost) getting intimate (damn you Snarf!). Panthro is also introduced together with what seems to be the Thundertank.

    'nuff said! Must see! Hope we see the petalars again in the future. Actually I'm pretty convinced we will as they should be playing a greater role in the story.