Season 1 Episode 4

Song of the Petalars

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Aug 12, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • One of the best episodes to date!


    When I saw the pilot I had to give it a classic, "doesn't suck" rating as I enjoyed the reimagination and the use of the original Lion-O as the king. This episode, however, blew me away in every way.

    As they met the Petalars we quickly learn that their life span is but a mere day. Yet to them they might as well have lived 100 years because they couldn't tell the difference. This very subtle nuance is what made for some excellent TV.

    As Emerick goes through life he and Lion-O have a friendship that is as close as 2 people can have. Also, Lion-O and the other learn valuable lessons about friendship, honor, and commitment. I had to laugh as Emerick rallied the Petalars with the phrase "The Thundercats have been our friends since we can remeber" and I laugh thinking, it hasn't even been a day yet, but still...

    In the end, I felt like Wiley-Kit and Kat as Emerick crumbled in Lion-Os hands

    The final scene leads to one of the best entrances ever! As the Thundercats stand and fight and are prepared to give there lives, in comes the Bat... I mean Cat-Mobile and who comes out...None other than Panthro! A perfect ending to an outstanding episode.

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