Season 1 Episode 4

Song of the Petalars

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Aug 12, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • While this episode tries to make us feel for the life and times of these little plant people, and our own lives, they can not successfully pull it off in twenty two minutes.


    While Lion-O and his chums travel along, they find themselves lost in a forested forest thing. They meet these tiny little plant race, who age extremely fast and give the viewer the perception that time is relative and to these littlephotosynthesizing folk, even a minute can seem like a lifetime.

    While they are trying to provide us with a good message here, the episode falls short with laggy pacing and poor construction of the story. It seems it wasn't cleaned up before being put on paper and it really shows in an otherwise lackluster adventure.

    They even throw in a musical montage for a character we meet ten minutes before who dies, and we are supposed to remember all the "good and bad" times we've experience in just the past ten minutes. It is really quite pathetic and a poor example of an episode for this show. It lacked direction, whether or not it had a good meaning or not.