Season 1 Episode 4

Song of the Petalars

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Aug 12, 2011 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • At time mark 19:09, it clearly shows that 3rd Earth has two moons.

    • Cheetara: (Coming upon Lion-O, who is still stunned by Emrick's rapid aging.) As the ancient Thunderian philosopher said: Time, is relative...

      It was actually Einstein who said that time is relative. Then again, his wild hairdo, though it was white, does look a lot like Lion-O's.

  • Quotes

    • Cheetara: (Upon seeing the ThunderTank for the first time.) What is that thing?!
      WilyKit: (After watching the ThunderTank completely destroy all of the lizards' technology.) I hope that's on our side...
      Lion-O: (As the ThunderTank pulls up and a figure rises up out of it, knocking away a lizard with nunchuka.) Who are you?!
      Panthro: Name's Panthro...

    • Slithe: (As the lizard army is being completely decimated and the troops are breaking formation.) Hold your position! I said hold your positions!!! You miserable cowards!!!

    • Lion-O: (In a back to back tight formation with the other ThunderCats.) There are too many of them!
      Tygra: Father would have been proud of your bravery Lion-O!
      Lion-O: A glory I'm honored to share with all of you.
      Cheetara: My service to the crown has always been a cherished privilege. (She finishes as they become completely surrounded.)

    • Slithe: As soon as that fire finishes it's work, we can go in there and mop up. Yessss. Lieutenant! Do you have a taste for roast cat?
      Lizard Lieutenant: (After seeing a flash of light and the ThunderCats charging towards them.) There!!!

    • Tygra: So what now?
      Cheetara: We can try to find another way out of this Briar...
      Lion-O: Retreat...? ThunderCats never retreat! I say we face the lizards... And hope for the best... We're all leaves passing in the wind, here and then gone... But while we're here, we live to the fullest! (Drawing the Sword of Omens.) Thunder... Thunder! Thunder! ThunderCats!!! Hoooooo!!!

    • Lion-O: (Approaching Emrick, who is now very old, and lifting him gently in his hands.) Hurry, there's not much time... Literally.
      Emrick: (Collapses in Lion-O's hands and speaks in a frail voice.) This, I'm afraid, is the end of my journey... (His thorn sword falls to the ground.)
      Lion-O: Emrick...?
      Emrick: It's alright... old friend...
      Lion-O: (Helplessly watching Emrick fade away.) In the blink of an eye...
      Emrick: In the end, what matters isn't how long we've lived... But how fully we've lived... The good we've done... The friends we've made... The love we shared along the way...
      Lion-O: (As the Petalars begin their song, Lion-O holds Emrick with tears in his eyes.) I'm sorry I didn't get you to The Garden...
      Emrick: (Growing more frail by the second.) It's the journey Lion-O... Remember that... (He and Lion-O remember their brief time together, and then Emrick dies in Lion-O's hands, blowing away into the breeze.)

    • Tygra: (As all the Petalars sit around dejected.) Maybe I misread the map...
      Lion-O: Or maybe their is no Cliff of Winds... Maybe the map is a lie... But why...?
      Emrick: Perhaps our forefathers wanted to provide us with hope... Hope so we'd never stop looking for our way back home...
      Lion-O: Is that all hope is then...? An illusion...?
      Tygra: (Upon seeing that the Briar Woods have been set ablaze.) Things are about to get a little more hopeless...
      Lion-O: We have to retreat... Again!
      Emrick: No! We must go toward it!
      Lion-O: Toward the flames? Are you crazy?!
      Emrick: Can you feel it Lion-O? Do you know what this is?
      Lion-O: (Realizing in awe.) The updraft from the fire... It's creating wind!!!
      Emrick: This is why you never give up hope! (Draws his thorn sword.) We're going home!

    • Slithe: Burn this forest! Burn it to the ground! And the ThunderCats with it! I've waited long enough!
      Lizard Lieutenant: But... Kamai, and the others...
      Slithe: Are expendable! As are you Lieutenant! Now do as I command!
      Lizard Lieutenant: Yes sir!

    • Emrick: Now, the Cliff of the Winds awaits!
      WilyKat: (As they emerge from the corridor of thorns, only to find that there is yet more woods.) Uh... there's no cliff here...
      WilyKit: (Licking her finger and holding it up to check for a breeze.) Or winds... Just more woods... (All of the Petalars look heartbroken.)

    • Lion-O: You were great out there Emrick. You've really grown into quite the young man.
      Emrick: Well, I had a pretty good role model.

    • Lizardfolk: You can't fight what you can't see! (Begins to fade into invisibility.)
      WilyKat: We can take care of that! (Hurls fruit at the lizard, covering him in juices as the fruit splatters against him.)
      Lion-O: I can see you now! (Slashes the lizard with the Sword.)

    • Lizard: (After all the ThunderCats have been subdued.) You were fools to try and outrun your fate!
      Emrick: (Charging the lizardfolk.) Outrun this! (He gets knocked easily aside, but rises with conviction.) This is the moment Lion-O has been preparing me for my whole life... The ThunderCats have been our friends for as long as we can remember... They have stuck with us through good times and bad, helping make us who we are today... It's time we repaid their friendship. Let this be a day that will be sung about by our people for ages to come! (All of the Petalars cheer their agreement and charge the lizardfolk.)

    • Lion-O: (After watching a Petalar die.) What's the point of it all...? Kingdom's rise and fall. Lifetimes come and go... Are any of us here long enough to even make a difference...?
      Emrick: You sound like an old man talking like that.
      Lion-O: (Shocked to see Emrick looking even older than before.) Emrick?!
      Emrick: With so many great adventures ahead of us, we still have a chance to make our marks.
      Lion-O: (Closing his eyes and bowing his head.) Yes my friend, many adventures I hope...

    • Lion-O: (Watching Emrick practice with his sword.) You're getting pretty good Emrick.
      Emrick: I hope so. I've been practicing since I was a kid. (Sees the winged creature that attacked him before and charges.) My old nemesis! We meet again! (He starts to fend the creature off but gets disarmed. Lion-O steps in and drives the creature away, enraging Emrick.) What are you doing?! I had him!
      Lion-O: That was dumb Emrick! You could've gotten hurt!
      Emrick: You're not the boss of me, so don't tell me what to do! (Runs off.)
      Lion-O: Teenagers...

    • Cheetara: Are we making ANY progress?
      Tygra: (Sarcastically.) If the map is meant to lead us into every single thorn bush in the Briar, then yes, we're doing great.

    • Slithe: (Frustrated that their machines are having trouble getting into the Briar Woods. Clever strategy... But one that only postpones the inevitable... (Speaking to his team of assassins.) If we cannot go in, then YOU will bring them out.

    • Cheetara: (Coming upon Lion-O, who is still stunned by Emrick's rapid aging.) As the ancient Thunderian philosopher said: Time, is relative... ( Gently puts down a Petalar child.) This child was just a baby hours ago... The Petalar's entire existence seems to pass in the course of a single day... But from their perspective...
      Lion-O: It's a lifetime...

    • Emrick: When I grow up, I wanna be like you Lion-O.
      Lion-O: Enjoy your childhood. Trust me, you'll miss it when it's gone.
      Emrick: But, I want to be a hero. Can you give me sword lessons?
      Lion-O: Well first, you can't just wave a weapon around like that. You need to concentrate, be more precise... (Gets cut off as a giant winged creature seizes Emrick and flies away.)
      Emrick: Whoa! Help me Lion-O!!!
      Lion-O: Emrick! Fight back!!! (Watches as Emrick jabs his thorn sword into the creatures talon until it drops him. He begins to search frantically.) Emrick! (He finally spots him.) Ah! You scared me half to death Emrick!
      Emrick: (Noticeably older.) Lion-O! I thought I'd never see you again!
      Lion-O: Who are you? Where's Emrick?
      Emrick: What are you talking about Lion-O? I'm Emrick. (He says to a stunned Lion-O.) Don't you recognize your old friend?
      Lion-O: Emrick's just a boy...
      Emrick: Maybe the last time you saw me... But I suppose I was lost in the woods a long time...
      Lion-O: Uhh... Not that long...
      Emrick: You never gave up trying to find me...
      Lion-O: (Stil stunned.) No problem...

    • Petalar: You've already met young Emrick... We are the Petalars. We come from a far off paradise called, The Garden. One day, long ago, a great disaster befell our people. A terrible wind, like none recorded in all our history, whipped through our homeland, and swept up the entire Petalar race, carrying us across the sky, and bringing us here, to Briar Woods... And here we have remained, stranded, for generations...
      Tygra: Generations...? Is this place so big that you couldn't find your way in all that time?
      Emrick: But, we've got a map. It's very, very old, AND it will lead us out of the Briar to the Cliff of Winds. If we can find it, we'll be able to ride the winds all the way home.
      Lion-O: We'll help you, and together we're both gonna find a way out of here Emrick... I promise...
      Emrick: (All of the Petalars cheer, and Emrick swings from Lion-O's hair.) Hurray for Lion-O! Hurray for Lion-O!
      Cheetara: Seems like Emrick's found a hero...
      Tygra: Hmmm... He's too young to know better...

    • Emrick: (Fascinated with Lion-O, and speaking non-stop.) What are you? I've never seen people like you before. Are you from here in the Briar? What's that in your hands? Did you make it? You're not the same as the others. Are you some kind of pet? Do you grow from seeds like us? What's that red crystal? How tall are you anyway? Why are you covered with hair? What kind of mmmphmmmph... (Trails off as Lion-O covers his mouth with a finger.)
      Lion-O: Okay, slow down... You sound like me when I was your age. (The ThunderCats and the Petalars all laugh together.)

    • Elderly Petalar: You have been given the gift of life... It is a fragile gift, and not one that you can keep forever... But, it is the most precious gift in all the world... Use it well, little one... (Slowly falls over, turning to particles and floating away.)

    • Lion-O: (Pointing out a giant sphere of overgrown brambles.) They won't be able to follow us in there.
      Tygra: You're asking us to what...? Hide among the brambles waiting for the lizards to just go away?! This is not how we're going to win this war!
      Lion-O: I'm not asking.
      Tygra: You may be King, but I'm still older than you!

    • Cheetara: (Peering down from the trees.) It's the entire lizard army... Just say the word Lion-O...
      Lion-O: No... If we stay here, we die...
      Tygra: ThunderCats do not retreat!!!
      Lion-O: With a situation this hopeless, I'll make an exception!
      Tygra: Hope comes from action! Isn't that what father told us?!
      Lion-O: And what happened to him?! Now come on!

    • Lion-O: (Sadly, while watching Kit and Kat play.) In the blink of an eye...
      Cheetara: Hmmm?
      Lion-O: Nothing... It's just... I keep thinking about my father... I, I know it sounds dumb, but I thought he'd live forever... He gave his life, and for what...? We have nothing left...
      Cheetara: (Placing her hand on his.) We have the Sword... We have each other... But most importantly... We have hope...
      Lion-O: Do we...?

    • WilyKat: Well you don't have to, if your scaaaared.
      WilyKit: I'm not scared!!! It's just...
      WilyKat: Scaredy cat, scaredy cat!!!
      WilyKit:Fine I'll do it!!! Ugh... (Slowly, clearly repulsed, she kisseds the froog on the mouth, who lashes it's tongue out at her, making her fall over while rubbing her face repeatedly where the froog touched.)
      WilyKat: I knew it! WilyKit loves the froog, WilyKit loves the froog!
      WilyKit: No I don't! You dared me!!! (Chases off after him.)

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