Season 1 Episode 4

Song of the Petalars

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Aug 12, 2011 on Cartoon Network



  • Quotes

    • Lion-O: (Approaching Emrick, who is now very old, and lifting him gently in his hands.) Hurry, there's not much time... Literally.
      Emrick: (Collapses in Lion-O's hands and speaks in a frail voice.) This, I'm afraid, is the end of my journey... (His thorn sword falls to the ground.)
      Lion-O: Emrick...?
      Emrick: It's alright... old friend...
      Lion-O: (Helplessly watching Emrick fade away.) In the blink of an eye...
      Emrick: In the end, what matters isn't how long we've lived... But how fully we've lived... The good we've done... The friends we've made... The love we shared along the way...
      Lion-O: (As the Petalars begin their song, Lion-O holds Emrick with tears in his eyes.) I'm sorry I didn't get you to The Garden...
      Emrick: (Growing more frail by the second.) It's the journey Lion-O... Remember that... (He and Lion-O remember their brief time together, and then Emrick dies in Lion-O's hands, blowing away into the breeze.)