Season 1 Episode 1

The Sword of Omens

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 29, 2011 on Cartoon Network
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Lion-O struggles with his destiny to become the next King of Thundera, as chosen by the Sword of Omens. Meanwhile, festivities are held to celebrate General Grune's return to the Cat Kingdom.

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  • The Sword of Omens

    The Sword of Omens was a perfect series premiere for the new version of Thundercats and I was pleasantly surprised at how great a job they did on this project. I was skeptical at first as a true fan of the originals but I can honestly say this new version is awesome! The new feel was modern, the characters were slightly different from the originals and the story line altered a little bit but this makes it exciting. This series shows us something the original never really did, the Cat Kingdom in its prime. I also like the rivalry between Tygra and Lion-o. I loved the character and plot development and really look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • A fantastic re-invention and well worth watching by anyone who loved the original.

    If expecting something close to the original, ditch that idea straight away. This is set millenia after the original and pays tribute to it early on during a training duel between Lion-0 and his father (voiced by the original Lion-0 ). All the technology that made the original Thundercats superior to the mutants has gone and they've devolved to a degree into a medieval society. We see that the mutants have become a war-like underclass in the time since the original. Lion-O is now a dreaming prince who has yet to live up to the expectations of him. Tygra is now his adoptive brother and superior to him in most areas. Cheetarah is a mystic bodyguard to the sword of omens and student of Jaga.

    When we finally get to meet Mumm-ra, he's a powerful sorceror in his mummy form and manages to kill the king. There's so much to appear that's its going to be interesting to see where they take this series.

    I can only hope that CN really invest in this series and follow it on beyond the traditional 26 episodes. This has the potential, through the love and respect shown for the original source material, to beat Ben 10 off the top cartoon slot and become a classic again.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • The cat to sound the warning about the invading lizardmen was Lynxo, making Pumayra and Bengali the only thundercats from the original series not to make an appearance in the first two episodes.

    • In the original series, Lion-O and Tygra were not brothers.

    • Larry Kenney, who does the voice work for King Claudus, was the voice actor for Lion-O in the original version of Thundercats.

    • The item that Lion-O tosses to Cheetara at 3:53 is an exact look-a-like of a Robo-Berbil's arm from the original series of Thundercats. Robo-Berbils were small, furry, intelligent beings that were part bear-like creatures and part cybernetic robots. They were allies of the Thundercats, and definitely counted as technology.

    • WilyKat and WilyKit were the only cats with tails.

    • Each of the Thundercat's is based off of a real type of cat. For instance, Lion-O and Claudus are lions, Tygra, is a tiger, Cheetara a cheetah, Panthro a panther, etc. Lesser known perhaps, are Jaga who is based on a jaguar, and Grune, who is actually based off of the extict species of saber-toothed cats, though he is clearly missing one tooth.

    • This new series begins and takes place on 3rd Earth, where the ThunderCats have a thriving civilization in the city, which is called Thundera. In the original series, Thundera was the home world of the ThunderCats, and was destroyed, forcing them to flee in a starship, which eventually took them to 3rd Earth, which became their new home.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Jaga: Guardians of the Crown, bring forth the Sword of Omens... While you will one day wear the Crown, Lion-O, only the Eye of Thundera, source of our power, knows if there is indeed a King inside of you... Take the Sword, and become one with it...
      Claudus: You hold in your hands what built the ThunderCats' empire. But only he who is deemed worthy can harness it's awesome power. let me show you what it's capable of in the proper hands.(He says as he snatches the sword away from Lion-O.)

    • Tygra: (Mockingly.) When it comes to everything except the crown, you're always going to be second place. (Punches Lion-O and knocks him into the water below and swings from the ringing bell.) When are you going to learn, little brother?

    • Tygra: (Cracking his bolo-whip at the feet of the mob.) Now you see me... (Cracks the whip and shimmers into invisibility.) Now you don't!

    • Lion-O: (Referring to two lizardfolk who are captive and being tormented.) We can't let this happen...
      Tygra: Why?! They're our greatest enemy Lion-O...
      Lion-O: Well maybe they don't have to be.

    • WilyKat: (Referring to having to panhandle for food.) You know sis, it's not always going to be this way. Once I get that map, I'm taking you to the City of Treasure, El Dara.
      WilyKit: Really?
      WilyKat: We'll have more food than we'll know what to do with, and so much money, people will be begging us for it.
      WilyKit: El Dara, here we come!

    • WilyKat: (Coming upon a large, burly man enjoying the festivities.) Good day sir! WilyKat and Kit at your service. Perhaps my sister and I can interest you in a melodic melody?
      Patron: Get away from me you filthy street urchins!
      WilyKit: Oh but I'm quite good. And you only need to pay if my gentle song moves your caring heart. (Begins to play a soft whistling tune.)
      Patron: I said... (Trails off as the song mesmerizes him somehow.) Your music, is lovely... as the day is long...
      WilyKat: (Beginning to dig through the patron's belt pouch and pulling out a fish skeleton and an apple core.) Eww!!! What does he keep in here?! Oh! Here we go!!! (Pulls up a fistful of golden coins.)
      Patron: (Coming out of the trance as the music stops.) I said scram kids!!!
      WilyKit: (Bowing deeply.) Of course, sorry to bother you. (Racing off into the crowd with Kat.)

    • (Snarf is sleeping peacefull, purring away, in a patch of sunlight within the castle's alarm bell.)
      Guard: Something approaches! Sound the alarm!!! (WHOOOOOOOOM!!!)
      Snarf: (Leaping up startled, and falling several stories into the moat below). Yeaaaargh! Yeeeeaaaaaaarrrrrgh!!! (Sploosh!)

    • (Looking around at all the unknown junk in the peddler's back alley shop.)
      Cheetara: What is all this?
      Lion-O: It's what's out there... Beyond Thundera's walls... What the Book of Omens calls... Technology...
      Cheetara: Doesn't everyone think those stories are just fairy tales?
      Peddler: You think this is a fairy tale? (Pulls back a tarp to reveal a gleaming metallic object.)
      Cheetara: I think it's just another fake people like you sell to people like him. (She says while pointing at Lion-O.)

    • Claudus: He knows how important today is. Where is that boy Jaga?
      Jaga: Be easy on him Claudus... Remember, when you were his age, your father wasn't always pleased with you, either.
      Claudus: I never neglected my duties as Prince like he does. Why can't he be more like you Tigra?!
      Tigra: (Smugly.) You're asking for the impossible father...

    • Claudus: These games are dedicated to the life of an outstanding general and loyal friend, who gave all he had in the name of Thundera... (Raises a goblet.) To Panthro! (The entire gathering cheers.)

    • (From high up in a lookout post.)
      Sentry 1: What is that...?
      Blind Sentry: (Sniff sniff.) Even from this distance, I can smell them. Lizards... and there are many... Sound the alarm!

    • Tygra: (After criticizing Lion-O about pardoning the lizards and being interested in technology.) When are you going to grow up?
      Lion-O: When I do, I hope I'm nothing like you...

    • (Cheetara comes up behind Lion-O who is watching the two lizards who were just set free.)
      Cheetara: You see? It's just as I said. There is something different about you.
      Lion-O: Is that why you keep following me?
      Cheetara: Maybe... (Backflips over the edge of the balcony and drops out of sight.)

    • Lion-O: (After Cheetara once again comes to his aid.) Twice in one day. Now I know you're following me.
      Cheetara: Yeah, right into trouble. Again. (Smirks.)

    • Lion-O: It's official, they think I'm a failure. And they always will unless I can prove I'm not chasing a childish dream. But, how I can I do that when even Grune said there was no tech out there?
      Jaga: Don't let what Grune failed to see stand in the way of what you believe. The Book says that our greatest king will possess the ability of Sight Beyond Sight.
      Lion-O: You mean like... having visions?
      Jaga: More than that Lion-O. It's the ability to lead with clarity. For sight is useless without action.

    • (After Grune compares Tygra to himself, causing Tygra to act arrogantly.)
      Lion-O: You're just soooo perfect, aren't you Tygra?
      Tygra: (Mockingly.) Thank you Lion-O.
      Lion-O: Too bad you're afraid to get your tail kicked in front of your hero.
      Tygra: Now's not the time.
      Grune: Oh, I'd say now's the perfect time. (Points towards the gaming arena.)
      (Lion-O and Tygra get prepared to race up the tree.)
      Lion-O: I'm gonna ring that bell...
      Tygra: (Smugly.) And I'm gonna ring yours...

    • Claudus: It was many seasons ago when I sent out generals Grune and Panthro, to find the fabled Book of Omens. While it remains lost, Grune has returned with tales of adventure, great treasure, and new lands to conquer. Today, we show him our appreciation. (The crowd roars it's approval.)

    • (Upon Grune's return from his lengthy mission.)
      Claudus: And where is our dear friend Panthro?
      Grune: (Shaking his head sadly.) He fought valiantly... Alas, he came up against a force that was too powerful for even him to overcome... (Hands Claudus Panthro's nunchuka.) It is only through his sacrifice I stand before you today...
      Claudus: Tomorrow we will mourn this great loss... But today, we shall celebrate the return of Thundera's greatest general.

    • (After Lion-O has his first vision through the Sword, and sees a pair of menacing eyes staring back at him.)
      Lion-O: Ahhhh! (He gasps.)
      Claudus: Lion-O! Why did you stop?
      Lion-O: I, I saw something...
      Jaga: Tell us...
      Lion-O: Umm... (He hesitates to tell them the truth, afraid they won't believe him. He hears the sound of laughter and runs towards the open balcony.) That! (Looking down on two pretty young cat women.) Meow!
      Claudus: (Growling.) The Sword is ready Lion-O, but you are not... (He says as he walks away disappointed.)
      Lion-O: (To Jaga, who is staring at him.) What? I didn't see anything...
      Jaga: And I did not say anything.

    • (While discussing the possibility of technology with Cheetara.)
      Lion-O: As cubs, we believed in tales about ships that could fly... Maybe everyone else out grew them, but I didn't... I know there's a bigger world out there... (Long pause as he stares at Cheetara and smirks.) You... think I'm crazy, don't you?
      Cheetara: I think you're... different...

    • (After coming upon an extortion attempt in an alley.)
      Lion-O: No they're not cats, Snarf, but no one should be treated like that...
      Thug: What are you lookin' at?!
      Lion-O: Whiskers...
      Thug: You gotta pay too. In the slums, everyone's a dog.
      Lion-O: I have a feeling you're the one who's going to pay. (Bend's back the thug's hand and flips him the ground with ease. He easily defeats the other miscreants until the thug manages to grab him from behind.)
      Thug: Now, I'm gonna gut you like a fish! Ugh! (Falls unconscious after strike on the head by a mysterious woman.)
      Lion-O: Not that I needed it, but who can I thank for the assist?
      Cheetara: (Steps into the light.) Cheetara...
      Lion-O: Hello! Mmm... (Clears his throat and deepens his voice.) Hello there...
      Cheetara: I'm sure the King would not be happy to learn his son was wrestling alley cats.
      (Lion-O throws back his hood to reveal his face.)
      Thug: He's the Prince?! Scatter!

    • (After coming upon a large brawl involving Lion-O, Tygra, and Cheetara.)
      Claudus: Lion-O! What is going on here?! Protecting lizards?!
      Lion-O: No... I'm protecting us. From turning into the very cold blooded creatures we fear. The lizards did nothing and should be released.
      Claudus: Release them?! Don't be foolish. As Lord of the ThunderCats, it is my duty to keep our people safe, and one day it will be yours.
      Lion-O: You wanted me to start acting like a king... Well this is it. And I don't think the only way to rule is with a sword. Maybe we'd have less trouble with the lizards if we weren't always repressing them.
      Claudus: (Nods his approval.) Consider this an act of goodwill between the species. Perhaps now, you might show some goodwill of your own, and take your responsibilities as prince more seriously. (Lion-O nods.)

    • (As he comes upon some captured lizardfolk who are being taunted.)
      Lion-O: Cut it out!
      1st Lizard: Please your majesty! Show mercy!
      Lion-O: Why should I? If the roles were reversed, you'd have lopped my head off by now.
      1st Lizard: We were only scavenging for food, when we were captured as slaves...
      2nd Lizard: Forget it! Looking for mercy from cats, is like trying to squeeze water from a stone.
      1st Lizard: Hold your tongue fool! He'll kill us!
      Lion-O: No, I want to hear this... What do you mean?
      2nd Lizard: We only attack to survive. You control the best lands and resources, leaving the rest of the animals to fight over scraps. If we steal your crops, it is to feed our children!
      Tygra: You're not taking this criminal seriously are you?
      2nd Lizard: Criminal!? (Menacing hiss.) The lizards' only crime is being weaker than the cats! And it's the same for all animals.

    • Claudus: The Book told that it was the Thundercats, our ancestors, who first defeated Mumm-ra! It was the Thundercats who brought law and order to a world of warring animals! And it is now the Thundercats who are strong enough to maintain this fragile peace!

    • Jaga: These were days of peace and prosperity on 3rd Earth... When one empire stood above all others, ruling with a just heart and razor claw. And though Omens foretold in the Book would be ignored, the tragedy to come was necessary... For it was written that he would be born of fire. A king to lead his people to victory against Ancient Spirits of Evil...

  • NOTES (0)


    • WilyKat: Once I get that map, I'm taking you to the City of Treasure, El Dara...

      El Dara is a passing allusion to El Dorado, the fabled 'Lost City of Gold' that researchers and explorers have sought since the 1500's. Much like the City of Treasure that Kat speaks of, it was a place said to be made entirely of gold and have endless resources, particularly that of cinnamon, which was one of the most valued and rare spices at the time.

    • The enormous gem encrusted rock that Grune brings with him upon his return actually turns out to be a ruse, with lizardfolk hiding within, who later emerge once an outside force begins a conflict with the Thundercats. These lizardfolk on the inside are then able to attach beacons and bombs throughout Thundera, which results in massive destruction.

      The massive stone, and even the conflict, to a degree, allude to the Trojan Horse. The Trojan Horse is a story from Virgil's epic poem The Aeneid. In it, the Greeks construct a massive horse to hide soldiers in, and then their army sails away, after which the Trojan's pull the horse within their city as a trophy. Once night falls, the soldiers emerge and unlock the gates, and that fleet returns and they are finally able to bring the conflict with the Trojans to a close.