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What Lies Above, Part 2

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May 29, 2015
I am still angry about the show's cancellation. This is gonna be long, but I found-out the real reasons why Cartoon Network cancelled the series:
"Lack of viewers/ratings. The series went on a steady downhill slide in ratings after the pilot.
Lack of merchandising sales. The toys really didn't sell well at all. Design and shipping problems added insult to injury. The DVD sales did worse than toy sales. Some Wal-Marts were putting the DVD's into their $5.00 bins within three months of release.

Wrong crew for the job. Probably the biggest reason for the cancellation is the crew itself. The storylines were unoriginal rip-offs of other more popular media such as Star Wars, NeverEnding Story, The Dark Crystal, Moby Dick, Oliver Twist, HALO, Final Fantasy, Indiana Jones, and so on. The overall story never felt like it was Thundercats. As a matter of fact, one of the stated goals of the crew was to remove just about everything that made the 1980's Thundercats so popular and replace it with a "darker story."
What they didn't understand was the target demographic of 6-12 year-olds weren't looking for a dark story.
Of course we can't forget former WB art director Dan Norton (who worked on TC's) meltdown at fans on facebook and deviantart. He pretty much had a mental breakdown that went semi-viral and really hurt the show.

Fans just didn't respond to the characters. For example, turning Tygra into a xenophobic prick who serves as a bigger antagonist to Lion-O than Mumm-Ra and the mutants combined upset more fans than it won over. Matt Mercer being an egotistical jerk didn't help either.
Pumyra being a traitor was another big middle finger to the fans - both old and new. All in all, the Thundercats reboot serves as an example of what NOT to do in a cartoon."

That's the whole story. Nevertheless, I still love the show.moreless

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