Season 1 Episode 17

All That Glitters

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Oct 01, 1985 on



  • Trivia

    • Jaga told Lion-O that the Sword of Omens could only be reforged in one way, in star fire which could be found in a nearby volcano where a dwarf star once fell. However, later in the show Bengali was able to reforge the Sword of Omens using his hammer meaning that Jaga's way was not the only way.

    • When the Sword of Omens is used to attack another ThunderCat, then the curse of Balthaz will rob it of its powers.

  • Quotes

    • Panthro, Tygra, Cheetara: Hail, Lion-O, Lord of the ThunderCats!
      (Lion-O picks up Cheetara)
      Cheetara: (laughing) Lion-O, put me down!
      Panthro, Tygra, Lion-O: Hail, Cheetara, worth her weight in gold!

    • Snarf: Panthro and Cheetara will never return in time. I'm going after Lion-O!
      Tygra: Not while you're within my reach, little Snarf.

    • Panthro: Ro-Bear Bill, summon this Inflamor.
      Ro-Bear Bill: Let fire become white, let fire become star-bright, let the Inflamor come forth.

    • Tygra: This is madness, Lion-O. You can't go inside that and live!
      Lion-O: I must, Tygra. It's the only way to regain the sword's powers. If I don't return, you will be the new Lord of the ThunderCats. Good-bye.

    • Jaga: You used it (Sword of Omens) to attack a fellow ThunderCat.
      Lion-O: But I didn't know it was Tygra! It was all a trick by Mumm-Ra.
      Jaga: You acted hastily, Lion-O. You struck out of anger before you knew what you were striking at.

    • Lion-O: Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight. The crossbars do not curl.
      Snarf: The eye of Thundera... it does not open.
      Tygra: The ThunderCat growl is gone.
      Lion-O: No! It cannot be! Thunder, thunder, thunder, ThunderCats, ho!
      Tygra: It does not roar!
      Snarf: The beam... it's gone, too.

    • Gregory Gregian: Who are you, and what brings you and your little friend to our land?
      Snarf: Little?! I'm twice your size, short legs.
      Gregory Gregian: True, true! But I've always felt that ones legs were long enough if they reached the ground.

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