Season 2 Episode 32

Chain of Loyalty

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Oct 21, 1986 on



  • Trivia

    • The Chain of Loyalty is one of the treasures of Thundera. It is a necklace with four circular images on it. One of Tygra, one of Panthro, one of Cheetara, and one of Wilykit and Wilykat. It is deceptively delicate as Jaga warned Lion-O and if broken, will cause the ThunderCats to fight amongst themselves. When broken, the four images change to resemble the closed eye on the Sword of Omens.

  • Quotes

    • (Tygra crawling on creaking branch)
      Cheetara: You've been eating too much of Snarf's candy-fruit pie!

    • Panthro: I have no friends. I hunt alone. Everyone is my enemy. Say goodbye to tomorrow, ThunderCat!

    • Cheetara: Wrong, Lion-O, I know exactly what I'm doing. I'm going to destroy you!
      Tygra Not if I get there first, Cheetara! And when I've finished with Lion-O, I'll finish you!

    • Panthro: Another couple of hours and I'll reach the Feliner. What better place to ambush the lord of the ThunderCats!

    • Lion-O: This is my fault. I lost my temper with Mumm-Ra and I broke the Chain of Loyalty.

    • Lion-O: Wilykit, 'kat, what in the name of Jaga do you think you're doing? Stop it!
      Wilykit: Oh, take a hike, Lion-O! Back off!
      Wilykat: Yeah, we're sick of being bossed around by you!
      Lion-O: What?!
      Wilykit: Just who do you think you are anyway, huh?

    • Mumm-Ra: (thinking to himself) You may laugh now, ThunderKittens, but I'll soon make you laugh on the other side of your faces.

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