Season 2 Episode 33

Crystal Canyon

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Oct 22, 1986 on
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Lion-O, Lynx-O, Snarf and Tygra go to the Crystal Canyon, thinking the Lunataks somehow got the Treasure of Thundera. While there, they encounter Aluro and Chilla. The two Lunataks trick the Thundercats by confusing them using with their reflections. They knock out the Thunderstrike and cause it to crash. Lynx-O is seriously injured and Lion-O is knocked unconscious. Tygra and Snarf find the Keystone and when Tygra holds the Keystone, he becomes convinced that it is making him more powerful. He uses it to restore the Thunderstrike, and heal Lion-O and Lynx-O. They return to the Lair and the other 3 Thundercats learn Tygra has become seriously addicted to the Keystone. When they try to tell Tygra he's become a slave to the Keystone, he doesn't believe them. Later in a battle against Aluro, Tygra thinks he's invincible, but Aluro proves him wrong and takes the Keystone from Tygra. Then Aluro himself becomes addicted to the Keystone. Aluro captures Lion-O and Lynx-O forcing them to come with him back to Sky Tomb. Lion-O uses the sword to summon the Thundercats and Tygra is restored back to normal and defeats Aluro.moreless

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  • Another great episode that teaches another lesson

    In this episode se see more about the thundercats" relationships.Now Tygra is the victim of the Keystone. With this, he thinks that it is making him more powerful but at heart, he is becoming so addicted to the keystone dangerously.This is a good lesson in real life for people who are addicted to drugs or similar and could be so controversial.Tygra thinks he is becoming invincible but at heart he is becoming weak,he neither eats nor drink anything.Without the keystone he feels totally bad and sick.

    On the other hand ,Tygra is beaten easily by Alluro who gets the keystone and become addicted to it.

    Alluro on his own is a good opponent of thundercats with his great hipnotism powers.Its a pitty that in later episodes he and the other Lunatacks become almost as ridiculous as the mutants. We do not need something weird to be so vigorous and healthy like Tygra who at the end,thanks to the sword of Omens defeats Alluro and rescue his friends.moreless
Earle Hyman

Earle Hyman

Panthro, Redeye, Ancient Spirits of Evil, Grune The Destroyer, Captian Cracker, Hammerhand, Cruncher

Lynne Lipton

Lynne Lipton

Cheetara, Wilykit, Mandora, Luna, Warrior Maidens

Doug Preis

Doug Preis

Lynx-O, Guardian of the Book of Omens

Earl Hammond

Earl Hammond

Jaga, Mumm-Ra, Tug-Mug, Vultureman, Ratar-O, Snowman, Hachiman, Ro-Bear Berbils, Top-Spinner, Claudus

Larry Kenney

Larry Kenney

voice of Lion-O / Jackalman

Peter Newman

Peter Newman

Tygra, Wilykat, Monkian, Bengali, Alluro, Capt. Shiner

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    • Alluro: Begging, pleading and groveling will get you nowhere, you pathetic creature!

    • (Tygra wakes up after the Feliner crashes)
      Tygra: Where... where am I? What happened? Lion-O!
      Lynx-O: Over here, Tygra.
      Tygra: Are you okay?
      Lynx-O: I can make it. (Groans and lays back down)
      Tygra: Lynx-O!
      Lynx-O: Don't, don't, don't worry about me. I'm a tough old cat. I'll... I'll survive.

    • Panthro: And for Tygra, a crystal scepter from the Ruins of Karl.
      Tygra: Thanks, Panthro... but do you have anything in, uh, wood?

    • Lion-O: Let it go Tygra!
      Tygra: You don't understand! I cannot live without the Keystone, Lion-O!

    • Tygra: If it is changing me, the Keystone is changing me for the better. Perhaps you find that threatening.
      Lion-O: No, it's just that I...
      Tygra: Ever since I was a kid, I was shy. But with the Keystone, I feel self-confident. For the first time in my life, I feel like I could do anything.

    • Tygra: Everyone thinks Panthro is Mr. Fix-It. But with the Keystone, I'm every bit as good as he is. Maybe better.

    • Lion-O: The Keystone is powerful, Tygra. But its power exacts a terrible price.
      Tygra: How can there be any harm in something that multiplies our natural power?
      Snarf: Listen to Lion-O, Tygra. After all, he's the lord of the...
      Tygra: Ha, ha! I might have expected you to side with Lion-O!
      Snarf: I didn't mean anything bad.
      Lion-O: Lighten up, Tygra.

    • Tygra: Be as quiet as you can, Snarf. Any loud noise could dislodge those stalactites and cut us to ribbons.
      Snarf: Don't worry about old Snarf. I'll be as quiet as Mumm-Ra's tomb. (begins yelling as he slips and falls)

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