Season 2 Episode 33

Crystal Canyon

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Oct 22, 1986 on

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  • Another great episode that teaches another lesson

    In this episode se see more about the thundercats" relationships.Now Tygra is the victim of the Keystone. With this, he thinks that it is making him more powerful but at heart, he is becoming so addicted to the keystone dangerously.This is a good lesson in real life for people who are addicted to drugs or similar and could be so controversial.Tygra thinks he is becoming invincible but at heart he is becoming weak,he neither eats nor drink anything.Without the keystone he feels totally bad and sick.
    On the other hand ,Tygra is beaten easily by Alluro who gets the keystone and become addicted to it.
    Alluro on his own is a good opponent of thundercats with his great hipnotism powers.Its a pitty that in later episodes he and the other Lunatacks become almost as ridiculous as the mutants. We do not need something weird to be so vigorous and healthy like Tygra who at the end,thanks to the sword of Omens defeats Alluro and rescue his friends.