Season 2 Episode 33

Crystal Canyon

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Oct 22, 1986 on



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    • Alluro: Begging, pleading and groveling will get you nowhere, you pathetic creature!

    • (Tygra wakes up after the Feliner crashes)
      Tygra: Where... where am I? What happened? Lion-O!
      Lynx-O: Over here, Tygra.
      Tygra: Are you okay?
      Lynx-O: I can make it. (Groans and lays back down)
      Tygra: Lynx-O!
      Lynx-O: Don't, don't, don't worry about me. I'm a tough old cat. I'll... I'll survive.

    • Panthro: And for Tygra, a crystal scepter from the Ruins of Karl.
      Tygra: Thanks, Panthro... but do you have anything in, uh, wood?

    • Lion-O: Let it go Tygra!
      Tygra: You don't understand! I cannot live without the Keystone, Lion-O!

    • Tygra: If it is changing me, the Keystone is changing me for the better. Perhaps you find that threatening.
      Lion-O: No, it's just that I...
      Tygra: Ever since I was a kid, I was shy. But with the Keystone, I feel self-confident. For the first time in my life, I feel like I could do anything.

    • Tygra: Everyone thinks Panthro is Mr. Fix-It. But with the Keystone, I'm every bit as good as he is. Maybe better.

    • Lion-O: The Keystone is powerful, Tygra. But its power exacts a terrible price.
      Tygra: How can there be any harm in something that multiplies our natural power?
      Snarf: Listen to Lion-O, Tygra. After all, he's the lord of the...
      Tygra: Ha, ha! I might have expected you to side with Lion-O!
      Snarf: I didn't mean anything bad.
      Lion-O: Lighten up, Tygra.

    • Tygra: Be as quiet as you can, Snarf. Any loud noise could dislodge those stalactites and cut us to ribbons.
      Snarf: Don't worry about old Snarf. I'll be as quiet as Mumm-Ra's tomb. (begins yelling as he slips and falls)

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