Season 1 Episode 33

Dimension Doom

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Nov 06, 1985 on

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  • Loaded with action and plot. Intense. Best episode yet.

    Well now we have Wizz-Ra. Opposite to Mumm- Ra, I suppose. At least the part about him being good and Mumm-Ra evil. Wizz-Ra shares the same Egyptian design as Mumm- ra complete with headgear, chin gear, and mascara, just like King Tut and that dude from the King and I. He really is a convincing stereotype of an Egyptian Pharaoh. This episode takes us back 7000 years ago, when Mumm – Ra and Wizz – Ra were in a bitter rivalry. A battle of sorcery. We see scenes of there battle from long ago, and it looks like Mumm-Ra had the advantage. If this guy is powerful enough to go head to head with Mumm-Ra he must have some good skills. Too bad he got trapped in another dimension. Present Day, he appears magically through Cheetara bedroom mirror, which is conveniently placed directly at the foot of her bed. Old Mummy views Wizz-ra in cheetrara’s bedroom in his reflection pool. I wonder how often he uses that thing to spy on them, or just watch out of boredom. It is amazing and I’m being sarcastic, how simple Mumm-Ra’s magic works. For instance, in the next scene he goes up to a cat statue in his lair and informs us that it used to hunt for Wizz-Ra, but now it’s going to hunt for him. He speaks to it and it instantly comes to life, never mind how it got there or became stone in the first place. Even more amazing, Mumm-Ra tells it to retrieve the headpiece and it perfectly understands and obeys. If you can manage to overcome that simplicity, in the next scene you will see the cat climb up a stone wall into Cat’s lair directly into Cheetara’s room and Wizz-Ra seconds away from appearing. Inside Mum-Ra’s Pyramid the cat gives him the headpiece and goes back to being a statue, but why would it want to go back to being stone? In a quick scene Tygra is shown inspecting an underground tunnel and saw the cat signal from a whole in the roof, he jumps up the wall back and forth like a cat. Panthro was crushing rocks in the Tank. The kids were playing with the Berbils in the village. Wileycat is balancing on top of a floating rope. Interesting footage, in case you ever wondered what they all do in there free time. A pivotal scene shows, Mumm-Ra using mind control to tell Lion O to discard the sword, and he does so, and it sinks beneath the sands. Oh no not the almighty sword of Omens!
    I guess that’s why they call it the desert of sinking sands. Sslthye is just standing there next to Mumm-Ra looking foolish and adding bits of commentary. Where are the other mutants you ask, heck if I know. The plot continues to stretch throughout the episode, as mostly told by Mumm-Ra.. Wizz-Ra,for some odd reason has only 1 day per 7000 years to leave the 7th dimension and today just happens to be that 1/7000. Guess we won’t be seeing him again soon. Quick action sequences show dynamic movements and frames of powerful animation, including well drawn close ups.
    The thunder cats put on a strong display of skill, more than the usual.Wizz-Ra demonstrates great power and unique magic capabilities. More action ensues, as Mumm commands Panthro to attack Wizz-Ra. Exciting. Things really look grim for the good guys this time. Apparently Mumm has become drunk with power. In the ending moments Snarf enters Mumm’s Pyramid through a trap door and opens a bigger door for Cheetara and Wizz-Ra. What would they do without snarf ? There is a lot of suspense as the episode continues the situation becomes more and more urgent, right up to the climax. Mumm- Ra sets down the headpiece arrogantly thinking Wizz-Ra’s time has expired. Snarf snatches it and tosses it to Wizz. Realising his mistake Mumm – Ra is upset and is blasted by a tornado from Wizz –Ra, sending him into a coffin. Wizz – Ra will die if he doesn’t reach the portal in time. Cheetara scoops him up and dashes back to cats lair just in time, but not without a friendly goodbye. How sweet of him to call her beautiful. What about the sword of omens? In an inspiring scene Lion O summons the sword of Omens just like a jedi would his light saber. Lion O even mentions Jaga, although we don’t see or hear him. A mention is still significant, to keep the audience reminded of him, due to his absence in the past episodes. The thundercats have a little pep talk and plan on better teamwork in the future. The Cat signal is flashed and a zoomed out view shows all of them standing together.Cool. This episode had a good plot well developed, lots of action and uniqueness, familiar events, and good character involvement. The introduction and use of a new hero was exciting. Mumm-Ra, the series best and main villain, had a prime role this time. Overall the action stood out the most, and secondly the story was there to back it up. There were a few unexplained occurrences that seemed weird, but none that couldn’t be overlooked. Everything seemed to be nicely balanced and cleverly executed. You can tell that more effort was put into this episode than others. Entertaining.