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With their home planet, Thundera, about to explode, the Thunderians flee to a distant galaxy. Before they can make the long journey the Mutants sweep in and destroy most of the fleet in an attempt to capture the Eye of Thundera, and a battle ensues.

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  • Awesome start to a great animated series.

    The pilot episode was highly entertaining while also serving to introduce us to the main characters, as well as the villains. It certainly stole elements from Superman, Star Wars, and Transformers. Jaga is obviously the Thundercats version of Obi-Wan Kenobi, and disappears as he dies exactly like Obi-Wan did. Later, he appears as a blue ghostly spirit just like Obi-Wan did. However, that's really not a bad thing at all, since Jaga's death is a surprisingly touching and emotional moment even for a cartoon. It is deep to say the least, and might even make you cry. This entire episode just hooks you from the beginning, and makes you think that this is not your ordinary 80s cartoon, with a main character actually dying right off the bat. This will always be one of the best episodes of the series, and never grows old.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Skill/Power First Use:
      Tygra - Invisibility
      Cheetara - Super Speed
      Panthro - Strength
      Sword - Sight Beyond Sight, Thundercats Ho!

    • Weapon First Use:
      Tygra - Bolo whip
      Cheetara - Staff
      Panthro - Nunchaku
      Wilykit - Magic pellets
      Wilykat - Magic pellets
      Lion-O - Sword of Omens, Eye of Thundera

    • Character First Appearance:
      Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara, Wilykit, Wilykat, Snarf, Jaga, Slithe, Monkian, Jackalman

    • The Thunderkittens don't age, but Lion-O does due to an apparent crack in his suspension capsule.

    • When leaving Thundera, all the Thundercats were naked except for Jaga. But they were all wearing boots of identical design. Panthro and Cheetara were also wearing belts, though they did not appear to serve any purpose. When Jaga clothed them, Panthro and Cheetara's belts disappeared and they were all wearing different boots. Wilykit and Tygra's boots were unique in that they were open toed and open heel.

    • Panthro was the first character to speak in this series. That first line was spoken as they fled Thundera which was about to be destroyed: "It's finished, Jaga."

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Lion-O: We will survive and create a mighty new empire. I, Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats proclaim it. (Holds up sword as the Eye of Thunder opens, then looks around at the others) Uh, with your help, of course.

    • Tygra: And a fine figure of a Thundercat you've grown up to be, Lion-O.
      Cheetara: And so handsome, too.
      Snarf: Snarf didn't do anything of course. Just found the sword, that's all.

    • Panthro: The Mutants will never rest until the Eye of Thundera is in their clutches.
      Lion-O: That will never happen. I'll see to it.
      Wilykat: Huh. Get him!
      Wilykit: Ha, ha! One tiny skirmish and he's suddenly a superhero!

    • (Seeing Lion-O now fully grown)
      Cheetara: Tygra, look who's joined us!
      Tygra: Well, well. Grown some, hasn't he?
      Wilykat: Hmm... So what's the big deal about... height?

    • (After Lion-O awakens the Thundercats with the Sword of Omens)
      Monkian: The... the Thundercats! They're... they're loose!
      Panthro: We're gonna loosen your bones for you, too!

    • (When Snarf tries to give Lion-O the sword of Omens on Third Earth)
      Lion-O: Good grief, Snarf. What's the matter with you? We're in big trouble here, and you bring me another stupid toy?! Get away!

    • Jaga: Lion-O, you're not hurt!
      Lion-O: Nah. Snarf took a few lumps, but I managed to hold them off.
      Jaga: You did it with the sword?
      Lion-O: Well... the sword kind of did it for me.

    • Slithe: Now, boy, give me the sword.
      Lion-O: You shall not have it while I live.

    • Panthro: (to a Jackalman) Ha, ha, ha, ha! If you guys were as mean as you are ugly, then maybe you'd be trouble!

    • Tygra: Jaga, we're being attacked!
      Jaga: Lion-O, remain in the sword chamber!
      Lion-O: No! If there's to be fighting, then I should...
      Jaga: Please do not argue! Snarf, look after him.
      Snarf: Yep, you bet, Jaga. Snarf will keep Lion-O safe. Don't worry.
      Lion-O: Aw, I don't want to be safe. Safe is boring.

    • Lion-O: Jaga, the sword is alive!
      Jaga: Yes.
      Lion-O: But there are holes in the hilt, Jaga, and I don't see any eye.
      Jaga: The Eye sleeps until needed, Lion-O. And these are not merely holes you see in the hilt. Looking through those magic apertures will give you sight beyond sight.
      Lion-O: But if I do need the Eye, how can I wake it up and let it know?
      Jaga: There will be no need. The Eye will know it is needed before you do.

    • Jaga: Yes, Lion-O, Thundera is gone. But the Code of Thundera will live as long as you, as Lord of the Thundercats, carry it in your heart. It will be your sacred duty to rule according to that Code in our new home, wherever that will be. Justice, truth, honor, loyalty.
      Lion-O: I will, Jaga. I swear it. I mean I'll try.
      Jaga: Yes, I know. It is an enormous responsibility for one who is not yet a man. But you are not alone, Lion-O. The nobles gathered here -- Panthro, Cheetara, Tygra, even, uh, Wilykat and Wilykit -- will be teaching the skills you need to rule wisely and well.
      Snarf: Hmm... no mention of old Snarf, I notice. Snarf, snarf. Go ahead. Just take all the glory and leave it to old Snarf to clean up after you. I don't mind. Snarf, snarf.

    • Snarf: Hey, where are you going? Lion-O needs his sleep.
      Cheetara: He will have ample opportunity for sleep on this voyage. But now, it is important that he join Jaga on the flight deck.
      Snarf: Nothing is more important than a young boy's rest.
      Lion-O: Aw, let up, Snarf, huh? I'm practically grown up.
      Cheetara: You really are turning into an old nanny, Snarf.
      Snarf: Easy for you to say. You're not responsible for Lion-O's welfare. Snarf is. Just let the boy come down with a fever or the pip or something and who gets the blame? Poor old Snarf, that's who.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi

      Jaga's death scene resembles that of both Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars movies. In all cases the body vanishes when they die, leaving only their clothes behind. Later, they appear as a spirit to the hero as the need arose.

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