Season 1 Episode 29

Feliner (1)

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Oct 31, 1985 on

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  • Alot of Character development. Character Debuts. Good quality entertainment.

    It seems things are about to change in this installment. Immediately you get introduced to this new character that looks allot like snarf, causing us to wonder who he/she is where he came from and is he/she in relation to snarf. The action right off the bat demands our attention. This snarf looking thing is trying to escape desperately from a ship we have never seen before. Therefore you automatically feel a sense of excitement and emotional attachment. This character might have your interest and your moral support to survive the situation, due to the fact that you are curious to learn more about him/her. Soon we learn the character's name is Snarfer and is indeed related to Snarf. This is a small sense of satisfaction for the audience, because it meets and goes somewhat beyond their expectations. Snarf and Snarfer engage in pleasantries and reminisce. This should also be interesting to the viewer because up until this point in the series, not allot was know about snarf or his past etc. Snarf being the most different of the thundercats, creates many questions about his origin. Now we know more about him and have a better understanding of whom or what he is. We even get to see a quick image of snarf dancing with what seems to be a female snarf, and you can notice the difference in appearance. This is all part of clever character development and relation. Also his real name and species is revealed through snarfer. However, if the there species are called Snarf, and the way they seem to repeat that word after every phrase, you would think it would be strange or much too common and simplistic to have a name like snarfer. Getting over that fact, allot more is explained about Snarf, his home planet and species at the same time the plot is being developed through snarfer's describing of how he was kidnapped. Also Snarf's real name is Osbert which just adds to his comedic role (He even tries to keep the name a secret from the other thundercats because of his embarrassment) everything is kept well within his personality. There is allot more snarf moments and also instances where snarfer lets his name slip out in front of the other thundercats. Casual humor continues despite the situation of urgency. Ratar O makes his series debut here also. On the opposite side of the spectrum the mutant’s characters are being developed in the same manner.Ratar O is an interesting character because of his ruthlessness even towards his followers. He is being portrayed as an even greater threat than slythe. A new and greater threat to the main characters is always exciting. Inside his ship, the Ratstar, which was attacking snarfer, is the hub for everything going on between the mutants, which cause us to stay focused on its newness and abilities. Ratar O's appearance and role is explained clearly but allot of his origin remains a mystery, we get hints that he was in high command on the Mutants home planet Plundar, which is nicely mentioned. Ratar O's character design works well just like the other characters, and mutants. The ship is designed similar. The end scenes are action between the Thundercat's in Thunder tank vs. the Mutants in the Ratstar. The Thundercat's prevail as typical and expected, but this time seemed a little more difficult. The main conflict then shifts back to getting Snarfer back home. Panthro is suddenly busy at work on the "Feliner” vehicle, hence the name of the episode, but why name the episode Feliner if you are barely even going to mention it at the end? The conversation hints that Panthro is designing the Feliner(aptly named) to take Snarfer home, but you have to wonder if snarf will go as well. This episode leaves us with anticipation for the future of Snarf,Snarfer,the Feliner, and Ratar O.