Season 1 Episode 30

Feliner (2)

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Nov 01, 1985 on

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  • Should have been better written.

    The beginning gives a brief recap from last episode, which is good in case you missed the last one, and refreshes your memory in case you forgot moments. Continuing from the destruction of the Ratstar, the mutants regroup and Sslythe tries to blame Ratar O’s leadership. Ratar O’s legitimacy is reestablished by force. We see a demonstration of his capabilities with the rat’s eye daggers. The mutants make a plan to haul the broken Ratstar back to their castle using a newly created “Mutank”. Interesting and mysterious how it just materializes in front of them, but not realistic, obviously. Back at Cat’s Lair Snarf is chatting more with Snarfer, and it seems like Snarf has made up his mind to return to the planet of the snarfs for good. This creates an interest in the viewer to see the episode through to the end to find out if Snarf really is leaving the Thundercats. A brief scene is repeated from the last episode describing how they need a hyperspace condenser thingy to make the Feliner fly. They take a guess that this piece is part of the Rat star and go off to retrieve it. Kinda silly how it seems like they were just there a few minuets ago. Just before the Mutant and the Thundertank meet up Lion O spots the Mutank with the sword of Omens and calls it by name. Strange how Lion O knows the name already and so does Panthro for some reason. Lion O makes a bizarre strategy to negotiate with the mutants ( Since when do the Thundercats negotiate with the mutants? )Panthro seems to know better.Even more bizarre the mutants predict that the cats will resort to this. Naturally the mutants just want to fight. The Mutank and Thundertank Collide and start spinning Cheetarah decides to shoot a sand tornado with a laser cannon. Does that not make sense to anyone else? Sure enough it doesn’t work. Previous to this scene we go to Mumrah’s Pyramid and Mumrah has a plan to foil the Thundercats, although it merely involves stealing the condenser. (And then what? ) Mumrah’s usual transformation and evil laughs follows. You get an expectation that it might be interesting to see how the Thundercats do against Mumrah, the mutants and RatarO. However, once Mumrah is confronted by Lion O he resorts to his usual retreating tactics It's sad to see the main villain in such an insignificant role time and time again..At one point Lion O seemingly falls a great distance and lands perfectly on his feet( highly unlikely ). Ratar O surprisingly appears and it looks like a duel will take place between him and Lion O. Using the Rat’s eye daggers Ratar O attacks Lion O, claiming the cat’s eye is no match for the rat’s eye. ( almost a clever statement ) Lion O absorbs the beam with the sword of omens and shoots it back at Ratar O just like he did at the Ratstar. Isn’t this getting over used? I would think the villains would be catching on to the swords capabilities by now, but this is only the second time for RatarO. Rataro drops his weapons and leaves without them, saying he will be back.
    Why would he just leave his weapons lying there? Also the fact that Lion O ignores them is odd. Also there was a scene where Lion O uses the Cat signal to encourage the others to knock over the Mutank with the thundertank. The mutatnts must really be stupid to stay still while the thundertank backs up then charges forward to ram them. After their victory shout, the return to the cat’s lair shows Snarf with his briefcase. We are instantly reminded of snarf's situation. Snarf tells the others he wants to leave them forever to live on the Snarf planet, because he thinks they don’t need him. This is the same speech from Snarf we have heard in the past only this time it might be more serious. Lion O is shocked and so are the others but Lion O seems to be more hurt, with tears in his eyes. Almost a sentimental moment if it weren’t for Snarf leaving and then returning not even 3 seconds later and proclaiming he changed his mind, with no explanation why. A tender moment between Lion O Snarf actually seems a bit awkward when they cuddle and smile at each other affectionately. At least it’s a happy ending, like always.