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Clean-Up in Process - Rules

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    [1]Nov 4, 2008
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    To any who read this, please note that as of November 4, 2008 I have started to re-watch all the Thundercats episodes. My intent is to update all summaries, clean-up all the notes and trivia, and fix up the cast lists.

    I have been getting many submissions since I became editor of this guide, with items that don't make sense. Much of that is due to the sorry state of repair that this guide is in. While I welcome your submissions while I go through the episodes (there are a ton at 130 after all), please note that I will try to keep the rejection / acceptance of everything consistent going forward.

    I will be trying, where time permits, to write recaps as well. If you are willing to write a recap (it takes me roughly 1 hour, plus viewing time) then refer to the first episode's recap as what it should look like.

    Here are some rules (some are covered elsewhere in this forum):


    This is meant to be a short (2 sentences or less) summary of what the episode is about, without any plot. Due to most of this guide originating on TVTome where the summary was the recap, almost all episodes with summaries have bad summaries. I plan on rewriting them when I get the chance.

    Also note that summaries by definition do not contain any spoilers. Again, many of the current summaries fail this

    For an example see the summary for the first episode, which is the first one written by me (more to come).


    This is meant to be a very detailed account of what happened in the episode. This needs to include plot points, actual dialogue and anything else that will let show one who hasn't seen the episode know what they missed. This should not be a copy of the script, as this violates copyright.

    By definition this must contain spoilers. There are very few recaps in this guide, and most of then suck.

    For an example see the recap for the first episode, which is the first one written by me.


    Any thing that is of interest, but does not fall under the Trivia section. There are many guides on telling the correct and incorrect items for these two sections.


    Any on-screen item of interest.

    For consistency sake, here are the different formats for trivia:

    First Character Appearance:

    <strong>Character First Appearance</strong>: character 1 (, character 2, ...)


    One new character:
    Character First Appearance: Mandora

    More than one:
    Character First Appearance: Luna, Red-Eye, Alluro

    First Weapon Appearance/Use:

    <strong>Weapon First Use</strong>:<br/>Primary User - Name


    Primary user known:
    Weapon First Use:
    Tygra - Bolo Whip

    Primary user unknown: (list like characters)
    Weapon First Use: Book of Omens

    First Skill/Power Use:

    <strong>Skill/Power First Use</strong>:<br/>Primary User - Name


    Skill/Power First Use:
    Tygra - Invisibility

    First Vehicle Use:

    <strong>Vehicle First Use</strong>: vehicle 1 (, vehicle 2, ...)

    Looks the same as character list.


    1. If you see minor typos in the summary and it fails the above rules, it will be rejected. Although typos are acceptable to fix, it is a minor problem compared with the broken summary. If you want to fix typos in the summary then correct the summary as well. If you've never seen the episode then don't bother submitting.

    2. Rule 1 applies to recaps as well.

    3. Keep quotes short and to the point. If you have to post 4 or 5 lines for a quote, then that would be the longest quote I will keep. If it's longer than that then it has to be Earth shattering otherwise I'll toss it. Quotes need to be relevant.

    4. If you laughed really hard at a line of dialogue that makes no sense to your mother (who I assume has not seen this show) then don't bother submitting it. If I don't laugh on reading after having not seen the episode since its first run, then it's not funny.
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