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(ended 1989)

Why was cheetara so easy to capture

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    [1]Jun 26, 2008
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    To me cheetara always got capture(LYNXANA the bounty hunter,safari joe,The mutants, She also had to many weeknesses like Top speed only sustainable for short distances, sixth sense can be temperamental and make Cheetara vulnerable to invasive mental attack, can't get out of sticky nets, she is vulnerable to fire and ENERGY BOLTS, ROCKET CUFFS. What do you guys think
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    [2]Jul 1, 2008
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    it's true that she has certain weakenesses but she isn't that easy to get captured. there's been some missions where she helped the whole team and evan saved 'em. if you look into the way that can't resist many different attacks, then i'd say that all the thundercats have certain weaknesses and even Lion-O too. and mostly she's part of a team, so she covers the exparties needed for the time being, rest the team work will cover up. i guess that was the theory of the whole thundercats.
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