Season 1 Episode 44

Jackalman's Rebellion

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Nov 21, 1985 on

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  • Jackalman rebels against the Mutants and gathers an "army" of his own.

    I thought this episode was terrible. Jackalman's army, although composed of two interesting minor characters (Driller and Molesmaster), was puny nonetheless. Whatever happened to all of those other Jackal mutants that we saw in the first Thundercats saga? Writers rarely refer to them anyway.

    There were a few moments where I would have liked more action, but animation was kind of repetitive and confusing. When Cheetara faces Jackalman in the forest, two of her animation sequences are used twice! When she heads off Molemaster on a nosediver I was expecting to see her flip him in the air with her staff, but I didn't get to see that. All I saw was the nosediver tumbling. The animation was very anime in style at times during the fight scenes. There was lots of whirling and spinning and pausing. It was confusing.

    There were a lot of characters in the episode. Besides those mentioned, a Bolken and a Wollow appear.

    Dialogue was pretty bad, too. Once, after Driller digs away from him, Tygra says, "I guess he wants to bury our differences." Ouch.

    It seems that the Thundercats are able to spy on the Mutants in Castle Plundarr, since at the end of the episode the Thunderkittens and Snarf are seen watching them from Cat's Lair. It's a wonder they don't do it all the time.

    Bad episode, pretty much.