Season 1 Episode 31

Mandora and the Pirates

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Nov 04, 1985 on

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  • Simply for kids.

    Mandora is in trouble. Who can help her but none other than Lion O.The lack of presence of the other Thundercats throughout this episode, is disappointing. Lion-O, the main character, goes on a solo mission to rescue Mandora. This further develops the relationship between the two characters and their mutual respect for each other. Also the character Quickpick returns to help them. Captain Cracker, is the main villain this time along with his wise cracking robo parrot. Wouldn’t it make more sense to name the parrot cracker? I wouldn’t consider this episode to be memorable in the least. There isn’t anything exciting or action oriented going on. It would be nice if there was some significance somewhere in the story to the future but, unfortunately none here. Mandora feels like a shallow and uninteresting character to say the least. Her highly recognizable voice, only gives her less distinction. Quickpick is a little better, due to his design and voice / speech. The whole episode has this theme of urgency as the music suggests, but there is not enough action to properly portray it. To wrap things up Lion-O summons the Thundercats ala the eye of thundera signal and they come rushing to his aide as if they had absolutely nothing better to do that second. They hop in the thudertank and immediately start driving. Do they even know where they are going? I suppose they just follow the signal, even if it leads them to their doom. Usual theme music plays in the background ( Thundercats are loose )and Panthro shoots a net capturing all the evil people at once. How very quaint. Time for the single joke of the day. Apparently captain cracker’s parrot has betrayed him by telling them to “boil em in oil” ,nice birdy. Captain cracker looks upset, haahaaa. That’s what you deserve for trying to break the law. What about quickpick? Mandora says he will be her new aid. See how things work out nicely. Clear and simple message: doing good = good things happening, doing bad = guess what? Yes bad bad things. Too bad life isn’t that simple or maybe that’s a good thing it’s not. Episodes like these demonstrate how the show was designed only for children to enjoy. Thumbs down and frowning.