Season 1 Episode 48

Mechanical Plague

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Nov 27, 1985 on



  • Trivia

    • Goof: In Return to Thundera, it was discovered that the Warbot's only weakness was a hole in one foot where its energy supply was hooked up. Firing weapons on the the robot would do no damage. However, in this episode, the ThunderTank managed to shoot holes in the Warbot to destroy it.

    • Previously the War Machine took all the Thundercats to defeat, but this time Panthro just shot some stuff out of his nunchuks at it and it fell over and was destroyed.

    • Goof: Lion-O opened the Eye of Thundera for the camera, but in the next shot the eye was closed. But after that, the Eye was open again as he shrunk the sword back down and closed the eye.

    • Mumm-Ra summoned out of the sand various robots and war machines. The War Machine was from Turmagar the Tuska and the Warbot was from Return to Thundera. Also present were the Driller and a Mechenosect.

    • The recorders make sounds like a camera taking a still photograph, yet it plays back video footage.

  • Quotes

    • Lion-O: You were great, Snarf.
      Tygra: The star of the show.
      Snarf: That's the last time I do a comedy part.

    • Mumm-Ra: Cowards! Bunglers! Obviously, I expected too much from a cast of bit-playing Mutants. Rest assured, Thundercats, this was just a rehearsal. When it comes to the real performance, I, Mumm-Ra, the ever-living, will star! And I will not leave the stage until I have destroyed you.

    • (to the camera as the Mutants attack him)
      Lion-O: I hope you're getting all this, because I'm not doing any retakes.

    • Mumm-Ra: Ancient spirits of iron and steel, salvage the robots and war machines of the past. Send me a mechancical plague to bring down the curtain on those wretched Thundercats, once and for all!

    • Wilykat: What's the use of a time capsule, Lion-O? Who cares what happened in the past?
      Tygra: We can learn from the past.
      Wilykit: You see a mistake and try not to make it again?
      Panthro: Exactly.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Hamlet

      Hamlet, a prince, is the name of a character created by William Shakespeare in a tragic play of the same name.

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