Season 1 Episode 34

Queen of 8 Legs

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Nov 07, 1985 on

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  • Mumm-ra lures Lion-O and Snarf into the Kingdom of Webs, where the new queen Spidera waits for them.

    This was quite a terrible episode. The action wasn't that exciting and the villain wasn't interesting at all.

    The Thundercats had to face Spidera, a huge queen spider. She was pretty big, but she was animated poorly and didn't move all that much.

    There were several pauses that didn't seem to fit in. For example, Lion-O gets the Sword of Omens back from a couple of spiders and he just stands there for a few seconds, pulls the webs off his sword, and continues walking.

    Snarf shows a lot of courage in this episode, but he gets way too many lines. Wilykat and Wilykit don't appear at all.

    There were a few animation sequences that were really nice, like when Cheetara was running from Spidera's webs.

    Mumm-ra transforming into the Diamond Fly was neat. It's not often you get to see him change into something else.

    The story was really boring and it's one that anyone interested in the show can pass by.
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