Season 1 Episode 32

Return of the Driller

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Nov 05, 1985 on

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  • Action, suspense, and intelligent scripting.

    Back by unpopular demand is the Driller, gee I wonder where he got that name. It’s a relief to finally see a plot involving Mumm- ra. He offers the same motivation to the Driller as last time. Where or how did Mumm - ra acquire all those diamonds? Beats me.
    The driller has been ordered to drill a tunnel from acid lake directly to Cat’s Lair. We did not know acid lake existed up until this point. An opening scene shows Wiley Kit and Kat riding unicorns and gathering apples. Kit and Kat don’t have a lot of screen time so it’s good to see them for a change. At Cat’s lair Snarf is preparing applesauce for the celebration tonight. The celebration is being held because of Tygra’s discovery of a new super fuel that will fuel the thundertank more efficiently. The super fuel has no significance in the storyline of this episode. The fuel is demonstrated on a small engine and we see just how powerful one drop is. Lion O thinks he smells something funny, and it’s not the fuel or Snarf’s applesauce. Tygra announces that its acid from acid lake and it’s coming for cat’s lair. The acid from acid lake is the most powerful type of acid and will take about 1 hour to completely dissolve cats lair according to Mumm-ra. No more appearances from the driller. The Thundercats investigate acid lake with their computer for flooding and can’t find any evidence. Lion O uses “sight beyond sight” to see the acid coming from underground. Why didn’t he just use the sword first to find the acid? Tygra, being the smart one this episode, mentions that sponge cloud will neutralize the acid. They all take the thundertank to go get some sponge. Mumm - ra is watching them in his reflection pool. They use spinning blades to cut out and exact piece of the sponge and pinchers from the tank to grab it. Good use of the thundertank in ways we have never seen before. I like that they actually knew what size of a piece they needed instead of just grabbing a chunk, it shows some intelligence. As they get the piece Rockmen on top of the mountains are throwing boulders on the tank. How very rude of them. Mumm – Ra might have set this up but we are not sure because the episode is unclear on this. Lion O gets a wise idea to use the sponge as a shield to bounce the boulders off. Good thinking buddy. Have you been hanging around Tygra lately? The boulders go bouncing off the sponge. They ditch to the” forest of insects \" to Mumm – ra’s delight. A giant praying mantis stands in there way. It grabs the tank and Panthro executes an electric charge shocking the mantis into flying away. Wow, I didn’t know the Ttank could do that. What else can it do? Good question, we are about to find out. The next insect gets tossed into the air by the arms of the tank lifting it from beneath. Nice work. The tank goes about 2 feet and there’s something wrong with it. Lion O being gutsy, decides to jump out and take a look. Strangely he fixes it but gets taken away by a giant worm in the process. Noyone saw what happened to him, so the others get worried and get out to look. Lion O is being pulled into a worm whole. The blade of the sword is perfectly close to the worm’s exposed skin, why not just stab him? No., no that would be too violent for a cartoon like this. What a shame. Lion O is being squeezed tight but his hands have enough movement to grab the sword and use the signal. Cheetara uses her staff the push at the worm from the whole and Tygra wraps his whip around its head. It drops Lion O and all is well. Mumm – Ra is hopeful that they won’t make it back in time to stop the acid. They have to cross the light bridge, seen in the previous episode “ time capsule”, only this time the black widow shark is missing. Mumm – ra flys to the bridge and blasts it.
    The tank falls in the gap created by Mumm – ra and goes upside down in the water below. Panthro says that they can’t move as long as they are upside down and clamping the sponge. Lion O exits and cuts the sponge loose. They are headed into a whirlpool. They manage to spin themselves right side up and catch the floating sponge in the mouth of the tank as it opens. Hey that’s pretty cool, but can they make it back in time? Yes, but not in time enough to save Snarf’s applesauce from burning. Silly old Snarf. Mumm – ra says the same old blah blah I will be back I’m immortal yada yada yada. Great use of the thundertank in this time. Also there was alot of action scenes. It all seemed to make sense. Well made, despite the absence of the mutants or other villians throughout. Another successful mission completed by the Thundercats. HOOO!