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  • This show ended months before I was born but Thank God for Cartoon Network reruns! And my weird dad who watched it!

    Growing up years after it was all over, I didn’t feel cheated - I got to see it and enjoy it for the first few years of my little life. I believe this is probably one of the more popular series ever made! I mean, you can go ANYWHERE and say “Ancient Spirits of Evil” and most, if not all the people in the room will know the rest!

    Thundercats came out with bigger better lines and off-beat if not corny action – My mother’s favorite character was Vultureman…for what reason I DO not know. I suppose this was one show that everybody in our house loved and watched together.

    The only thing that annoys me about the entire series is that upon closing off the show someone makes some stupid joke and the whole cast bursts into violent laughter, holding their hips and chuckling up to the sky…Most of the time those jokes made no sense and were not funny AT ALL! Most shows at that time ended off in a similar fashion (Voltron, Conan, Silver Hawks…etc) so I guess I can’t hold it against them.

    My all time favorite line would have to be – “By JAGA!"