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  • Thundercats is one of the coolest cartoons that I have ever seen. Every character in the show is totally awsome. There really isn't a character that I don't like.

    Lion-O is the leader of the thundercats. He has that cool sword of omens that he uses as a weapon and he uses it to call the other thundercats when he needs their help. Tygra is the smart one and has the cool bolo whip that can turn him invisible. Panthro is really tough and a great fighter and he has the cool nunchucks as a weapon. Cheetara has super speed and that bo staff that she uses as a weapon and Wiley Kat and Wiley Kit are the little ones who use those pellets as weapons. Later they were joined by Lynxo who was blind but totally amazing, Bengali who was great at fixing things and had an amazing hammer as a weapon, and Pumyra who was very agile. I even thought that the enemies were pretty cool. Especially Mummra. This was always as favorite cartoon for me. I think the only character I didn't like was that annoying Snarf. Other than that, I loved everything about this cartoon.