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  • Not a bad show

    Somewhat different from the new version, but still good. I just love all the characters, they're really cool.
  • Just outdated

    I think the show was pretty decent but I`d rather prefer the 2012 version. The show is just too old for me.
  • Thundercats Roar!

    Thundercats is one my favorite childhood cartoons from the 80s. It had great writing and wonderful action in every episode.
  • Definitely the most overrated 80's cartoon ever made

    Okay, when I first saw it I liked it first, but now looking back at it I realized that the show was not really anything to get all excited about. It had lame written all over it and the plots just seemed like things that had already been done before with other shows. Oh yeah, how could I forget about Snarf the most annoying character on the show. And the animation wasn't really anything to look at either because it also wasn't exactly what I was expecting from this show. And I haven't seen the remake yet, and I really think I don't want to after watching the abomination of the original show.
  • Definitely one of the 80s cartoons. You can't forget the intro sequence, theme music and the incredible animation.

    This is one of those shows that you can't help but keep loving into adulthood. The kind of show you buy the DVDs for even though your children haven't been born yet.

    The kind of show that teaches you morals and values without beating you over the head with them. The line of toys that came out were great too... hours of playing out the episodes with the ThunderCats Lair and Thundertank.

    And who could forget the head evil dude of Third Earth, the chilling Mumm-Ra the Everliving. There is a favourite character for every kind of child and well written stories that kept this show at the top for two solid years.
  • Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCats HO!!!!!

    What an amazing show this show is equal to that of the 80's version of He-man and the Masters of the Universe ThunderCat's rule and so does He-man infact all the shows I like ruel there just so good! ThunderCat's live forever Lion-O was an intreseting idea being cub and missing 10 years of his youth, giving him great charcter skills and he weilds and his might Sword of Omens
    A weapon of amazing power

    Again like the Orignal He-men the show is good but it dose have few problems with soem of its story's it dose things alittle cheply but dosen't spoil it for me in the long Run

    As Lion and Thundercat friends take on the evil Mamm-Ra the everliving the ultiame lord of evil But I think, compearing Mumm-Ra is more evil then Skeletor!

    I actually have no words for this Tv show i will always say it the 80s and the 90s were the best times for cartoons awsome tv shows all around the world were awsome
    Now its all nothing and, practically, nothing interesting like Sponge Bob (?!?!) and Barney (?!?!?)
    This tv show was awsome i i will always say thanks to my bro that downloaded them on DVD and put me to watch it this tv show should be on tv foerever i dont care how many times they repeat it this tv show is for all generations of kids and they deserve to watch it
    Cheetara the best!!!!
  • Thundercats is one of the coolest cartoons that I have ever seen. Every character in the show is totally awsome. There really isn't a character that I don't like.

    Lion-O is the leader of the thundercats. He has that cool sword of omens that he uses as a weapon and he uses it to call the other thundercats when he needs their help. Tygra is the smart one and has the cool bolo whip that can turn him invisible. Panthro is really tough and a great fighter and he has the cool nunchucks as a weapon. Cheetara has super speed and that bo staff that she uses as a weapon and Wiley Kat and Wiley Kit are the little ones who use those pellets as weapons. Later they were joined by Lynxo who was blind but totally amazing, Bengali who was great at fixing things and had an amazing hammer as a weapon, and Pumyra who was very agile. I even thought that the enemies were pretty cool. Especially Mummra. This was always as favorite cartoon for me. I think the only character I didn't like was that annoying Snarf. Other than that, I loved everything about this cartoon.
  • one of my best cartoons ever!!

    i really loved this show when i was a kid. amazing, everything about it is just amazing. i only wish if they bring it back in an enhanced version, with more episodes.
    oohh those days, thunder .. thunder .. thundercats ..hoooo SWEEEEEEEEET
    i used to have all the charecters toy, and i used to play with them everyday.
    and now that i heard that they are doing the thundercats movie, i really can't wait to see it. but still i dont think its going to be that good, not like the original cartoon series.
    i have the complete series, and i still watch it lol :D
  • Thundercats is a great show. One of my favorite of all time and truly a classic. Best show I watched as a kid and first one that I truly loved.

    Thundercats is a great show. One of my favorite of all time and truly a classic. Best show I watched as a kid and first one that I truly loved.
    The animation and sound is awesome considering the time it was made.
    The characters are very carismatic, even the enemies. Sotimes I remember I cheered for the enemy to win just for once, but they always lost in the end. Only small victories in the battle, but the good always won the war.
    And this anime is specially good for children, because despite the action it shows a moral sense.
    I don´t give a note 10, only because it doesn't have an end it deserves.
  • A show well ahead of the curve...

    Thundercats is one of the best animated programs to emerge in television. Back in the 1980's cartoons tended to be somewhat condesending and insulting to children's intelligence. Thundercats was a refreshing exception to that rule.

    Where most shows would have their oligatory moral of the story presented at the end of the show, or slammed into your head during the program, like He-Man, Superfriends, G.I. Joe, etc. Thundercats managed to present gripping morality plays without being obvious about it for the most part.

    Add to that the strong Japanese anime influence which was well before anime became the hot commodity it is today, and the wonderful blending of technology, magic, myth, monsters of all sorts, Eastern philosophy and combat, and Western sensibilities and you have great drama.

    To top it all off, you have heroes that have character flaws, especially Lion-O in the first season. At a time when most heroes were involate archtypes, Thundercats presented a far more believable and human set of heroes to enjoy.

    Yes, the DVD release could be better in terms of quality and special features. The special features are quite sparse and of questionable value, and the quality of the episodes themselves appear to suffer in all likelyhood from poor quality masters in need of restoration. That being said, the sheer joy of seeing these episodes again is well worth the expense even with its flaws.

    If you haven't seen this show, you should, whatever age you are. This show proves that animation isn't necessarily just for kids.

    Sword of Omens, By the Eye of Thundera, come to my hand!

    Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats Ho!!!!!!!
  • A good visual

    In a time when fantasy was taking off from so many different directions Thundercats was one of a very limited few that gave fantasy a visual presence. What probably started with Tolkien and was progressing with Dungeons and Dragons, suddenly came to life with Thundercats, HE-man and the Masters of the Universe and the rest of their ilk. Watching Thundercats was always a helpful learning aid for my young imagination, offering new places and people to use in my own head. I loved the simple "good vs evil" story line with little in the way of diversion from that path so that after every episode I always knew good would triumph over evil.
  • This show rocked

    I used to have some of the action figures as a kid, this show was great. We used to watch this show every afternoon. One question though was the chick cat like Smurfette on the smurfs? wasn't she the only girl? just wondering. The show was and still is timeless, I think they brought it back, on cartoon network, but I think that was a few years ago and they stopped showing it awhile ago. Mumra and the gang were even cool. This show will always be a part of 80's popular culture forever. I hope they bring it back somewere or put it in DVD so people can show their kids.
  • Not as good as I remember, but I used to LOVE it.

    Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats, Hoooooooooooo! This is one of my childhood favs. Most episodes would culminate with Lion-O using his sword to defeat the evil Mumra. Some of the most memorable episodes were the multi parters like the one where Lion-O had to defeat all the other cats to become to true leader, and the one were a new foe, the berserkers were introduced, and broke the sword. some other cats were eventually introduced, but they were not as cool as the originals.

    oh yeah, they had an annoying catlike creature called snarf, that seemed to get more and more screen time. this show is probably more nostalgic than good, but i would love an upated vesrion of the show, if done seriously.
  • Thundercats was a very great show. All the episodes were awsome. And i am going to collect the entire series and i mean it!

    Thundercats had it all Action,Adventure,Humor And a very great voice cast and awsome characters. But the only character i don't like is Snarf.
    He was always treating Lion-o like a child. And i like seeing all the Thundercats in action. And the the weapons they had were very cool like the Sword of Omens,Tygra's Bolo whip,Cheetara's expanding Bo-staff,and Panthro's Nunchucks. The characters i like very much are Lion-o,Cheetara,Panthro and Mumm-ra. The one thing that made Mumm-ra so cool was when he transformed in Mumm-ra the everliving. And the words he used that went like this.
    ''Ancient spirits of evil transform this decayed form to Mumm-ra the everliving!!''. And to end this review there is one thing i want to say
    ''Thunder Thunder Thunder Thundercats HO!!''
  • One of the best animated shows ever made.

    This is perhaps one of the most original animated shows ever made. The concept is original and the premise is really good. Each episode is so cool, it's a battle between good and evil. But the show isn't dull, it's not boring. It's really really cool. Each episode is fast paced, something expected from an animated show. This is not a poorly conceived show like many of today's crappy animated shows. Thundercats was truly cutting edge it's ahead of it's time. The producers made a really good animated show. This tv show needs to be reimagined for the big screen just like transformers.
  • Um. There was a time when I was young like 7-8 that I watched probably like a lot of episodes of Thundercats.

    Well the show was pretty decent when back in the late 90's when I was watching it. /f /l /a /m /e /t /h /r /o /w /e /r /2 /0 /o /n /t /v /c /o /m /I /n /e /e /d /t /o /s /t /o /p /t /h /i /s /r /i /g /h /t /n /o /w.

    * sigh *
  • A cartoon which mixed fantasy with science fiction in an action/adventure format, using humor to keep it real while promoting moral and ethical values.

    Thundercats is by far the best cartoon ever made. It mixed fantasy with science fiction in an action/adventure format, using humor to keep it real while promoting moral and ethical values. It was among the first to ever use a child psychologist to make sure it would be suitable for kids while pleasing their parents.

    It had the best voice actors in the business. Actors with multiple voice talent, they all played multiple characters and kids were none the wiser. The characters were relatable and kids could easily identify with Lion-O, Wilykit, and Wilykat especially.

    It was also among the first cartoons in the USA to use anime, which for the 1980\'s, truly set this cartoon apart from the rest visually. It was an instant hit coming in at number one.
  • This show ended months before I was born but Thank God for Cartoon Network reruns! And my weird dad who watched it!

    Growing up years after it was all over, I didn’t feel cheated - I got to see it and enjoy it for the first few years of my little life. I believe this is probably one of the more popular series ever made! I mean, you can go ANYWHERE and say “Ancient Spirits of Evil” and most, if not all the people in the room will know the rest!

    Thundercats came out with bigger better lines and off-beat if not corny action – My mother’s favorite character was Vultureman…for what reason I DO not know. I suppose this was one show that everybody in our house loved and watched together.

    The only thing that annoys me about the entire series is that upon closing off the show someone makes some stupid joke and the whole cast bursts into violent laughter, holding their hips and chuckling up to the sky…Most of the time those jokes made no sense and were not funny AT ALL! Most shows at that time ended off in a similar fashion (Voltron, Conan, Silver Hawks…etc) so I guess I can’t hold it against them.

    My all time favorite line would have to be – “By JAGA!"
  • I remeber this show so well. I used to run home to my friends house after school to se Lion-O and his possey fight for their survival. A great classic for every 6-12 year old that enjoys cartoons.

    In Sweden, ThunderCats was only shown on cable.
    And growing up, my family could\'nt afford that.
    So each day in the fourth grade I would run to my friends house after school to see Panthro, Cheetara and the others fight of the evil mutants.
    The show is a classic battle between good and evil. Light and dark. Man against alien. And so forth.
    Lion-O, the most powerfull ThunderCat, has a magic sweord that grants him special powers. The other characters also has their unic tallants and the ballance eachother with great succes.
    The show is awfuly entertaining and one can see the episodes many times.
    It\'s been many years since I saw the show now, but im rather sure that if I am given a chanse I will borrow the VHS tapes from my friend who taped the show so that his younger brother could see it when it was taken of the air..
    ThunderCats Hooo, damnit!
  • nos encontramos frente a un clasico de todos los tiempos, que estuvo dirigido a un publico muy amplio para la epoca en que se origino.fue una de las tantas series de superheroes que empezaron a salir en eu momento, pero que tuvieron mucho exito.

    A pesar de ser una serie de los ochenta, los thundercats tuvo, por una parte originalidad en la variedad de persaonajes que crearon, pero por otro lado siguio siendo una serie mas de superheroes
    los personajes principales se basaron en habilidades referidas a felinos, la unaca que no tiene ningun sentido comun es la de los pequeños salvajes, que solamente se limitan a utilizar una pildoras que hasta los ositos pueden usar.
    con respecto a mun-ra, es lo mejor que pudieron haber creado, no solo tenia la fuerza e inmortalidad de una momia, sino que ademas podeia ejecutar magia negra; pero la mejor parte es el miedo y control que tenia sobrelos mutantes.
    igualmente en mi opinion es una de las mejores series que se pudo haber hecho en su epoca. tuvo en cuenta muchos detalles que otras no tuvieron y no extendieron la sere por mas de dos temporadas, por lo cual nunca perdio su originalidad.
  • What a great show as a kid

    i used to watch this non stop as a kid but have u watched it lately, it just ruined it for me, the animation is just terrible but the story still rules any other cartoon out there! they should remake it but tastefully, none of that japanimation crap something like umm starship troopers animated series, kinda tacky but it worked :P anybody who likes the old school cartoons needs to watch this! is one of my favourites of all time, any one agree? if u dont then ur gay, sorry its the rules. hugs and kisses, pip da man xXx
  • I'm liking Lion-O and his sword. I'm a little liking Mumm-Ra, Eww. Lion-O is meeting the evil Mumm-Ra. Lion-O and his Thundercat friends were fighting Mumm-Ra and his evil monsters. Lion-O and Mumm-Ra are fighting. Lion-O will see his old friend, Jaga. Ja

    I'm liking Lion-O and his sword. I'm a little liking Mumm-Ra, Eww. Lion-O is meeting the evil Mumm-Ra. Lion-O and his Thundercat friends are fighting Mumm-Ra and his evil monsters. Lion-O and Mumm-Ra were fighting. Lion-O will see his old friend, Jaga. Jaga is a spirit. Is Mumm-Ra taking Lion-O?
  • Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats Hooooo!!

    The plot was well thought out and complex. The planet Thundera is about to be destroyed, and a group of Thunderians are desperate to escape. Along with their leader Jaga, they manage to flee just as Thundera is obliterated. They set a course for the closest world, and all retire to chambers, which halt their ageing. Yet young Lion-O's chamber is faulty, and he ages at the normal speed. Jaga dies as their ship crashes on Third Earth, and Lion-O, now a grown man is anointed as Lord of the Thundercats. They set up home and build their headquarters, Cat's Lair. Although evil is never far away, namely in the form of Mumm-Ra, a decaying mummy that can transform himself into a fearsome adversary when he wants to conduct his evil deeds. Along with his inept mutants, he constantly attempts to capture the Thundercats. But Lion-O and the team strive for good against evil on Thundera, and their many escapades were chronicled in the ensuing episodes.
  • I remember this show! The theme song was cool!

    I don't remember this show very, very well, but I do remember watching re-runs of it when I was young. They used to show re-runs on Cartoon Network, in the early 90's. I remember this show being very creative and different. The characters were things I had never seen before, and the environments, from what I recall, were very nice. It seems just like yesterday when I was watching this show on Toonami, and as I write it right now, I kind of want it back.
  • Another classic which will never be forgotten

    Yet another personal favorite of mine when I was a youngster. Everytime Thundercats was on, I was always there in a heartbeat. I don't understand why there are some people on this site that didn't like this show. It had a ton of action, some humor, plus the coolest enemy in that time:

    "Ancient spirits of evil. Transform this decay form to MUMMRA, THE EVER LIVING. *sinister laugh*

    No one could bother me when Thundercats was on. Another classic, all the way to me. THUNDERCATS. HOOOOOO.
  • This show was good 20 year ago, is still good today and it will be as good in 20 years why? well read my review *WARNING* MI ENGLISH IS HORRIBLE...

    Show's like this never stop to be a classic, because show like this are so ground breaking that stablish a hole new style, am gonna dare to said that the anime invation in the cartoons, that we are living today, maybe start with "The ThunderCats", Ok this show is NOT anime but is obviestly influenciated.
    So the next time you watch "Avatar the last airbender" or "Teen Titans" said thank's to the show who start this fenomeno, and don`t be shy to grap a broom hold it in the air and screem
  • I can't remember it being this bad.

    I had fond memories of this being the ultimate childrens show, I loved the toys, and even dressed up as Mummra for holloween(only the lame kids dress up as the good guys). So when these were rereleased I figured I'd conjure up those good ole memories. Wrong!! I could barely make it through one episode the dialog was horrid, the animation stinks, and the jokes are just not funny. Many of the modern kids shows have this beat hands down(there's nothing else on at 5 am). I'm sure many of you have very fond memories of this show so take my advice, and keep you happy memories, and never watch it again.

    Thundercats was the best show and if they come back there be number 1 still ain\'t no other show better than the thundercats. If I did\'nt have to go to work and go to school I will watch them every day until I die, I\'m a big fan of the thundercats I got all the merchandise and action figures. Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats, HO HOOOOOO! you have to love them, respect them and bring them back!! thundercats hoooo for life!
  • Thundercats HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    I've never forgotten this series. I loved it as a kid. Even love it now. Have fond memories of me and my dad sitting infron of the tv and watching it in SPANISH!! hehehe... then as an older kid I remember seeing it in english and it was like I was seeing a whole new show!! But still I can watch this in any language!