Season 2 Episode 23


Aired Daily 5:00 PM Oct 08, 1986 on

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  • A key episode to the development of the ThunderKittens.

    This episode was a key episode in the development of the two youngest ThunderCats Wilykit and Wilykat. It had been shown since early on that they often got stuck guarding Cats Lair as the older ThunderCats rushed off to the action. All that being left behind built up to this pivotal episode for the ThunderKittens who finally had enough of feeling useless and left behind.

    Wilykat convinces his sister that they should run away causing the older ThunderCats to worry as they go out in search of their young friends. While out, they make friends with an alien creature named Kudi and in the end, as she explains that even though the kids should have never run away, the adults would have to take some of the blame, Lion-O and Panthro walk in to admit that she's right and apologize for not letting the kids know how valuable they are to them. Lion-O vows to change that and as the episodes progress in the future, we see Lion-O upholding that. When he leaves the ThunderKittens behind to guard Cats Lair and the Tower of Omens in the five part ThunderCubs series, he reminds them of just how much they need them.

    Aside from being a key episode for the development of the ThunderKittens, it was also a strong positive message for kids and parents about the importance of communication and for parents to remind their children of how valuable they are to them.
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