Thundercats - Season 1

(ended 1989)


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Episode Guide

  • Finally, to prove that Lion-O is worthy to be the Lord of the Thundercats, he must defeat his worst enemy. Mumm-Ra. He manages to find a way into Mumm-Ra's tomb, and defeats him by throwing his coffin into the evil cauldrum. This is the first time that Lion-O really defeats Mumm-Ra.moreless
  • Excalibur
    Episode 51
    The Ancient spirits of evil show Mumm-Ra the story of King Arthur, and explain to him that the strongest sword that ever existed was Excalibur, Arthur's weapon. Mumm-Ra disguises himself as Arthur, and returns to the lake where the sword is guarded by The Lady of the Lake. Fooled by his disguise, The Lady gives Mumm-Ra Excalibur. The disguised Mumm-Ra challenges Lion-O to a dual, and Lion-O foolishly accepts the challenge. The swords clash, and Excalibur is victorious. The eye of Thundera is split in two, and the Thundercats become powerless. Merlin, Arthur's teacher and a famous magician stops Mumm-Ra from destroying the Thundercats, and restores the eye to its original state.moreless
  • On the second day of his trails, he must race Cheetara through the dangerous lands of third earth. Although Cheetara is by far the fastest among the Thundercats, her speed can only last for a short time period. After that, she can run as fast as any other individual. Lion-O takes a shorter, but more dangerous route to make up for Cheetara's advantage.moreless
  • The Mountain
    Episode 58
    Lion-O takes up mountain climbing, but during one of his climbs, The Mutants attack him with a Thundrainium gun, Lion-O calls the other Thundercats, but an avalanche traps Panthro, Tygra, Slithe and Monkian, in a cave causing a limited air supply. Meanwhile Jackalman steals the sword, but Lion-O manages to get it back and saves everyone.moreless
  • The Mumm-Ra Berbil
    Episode 47
    Mumm-ra transforms himself into a ro-bear berbil (a Thundercat ally). He acts hurt and the Thundercats let him stay at their Lair. One night, Mumm-ra(the berbil) puts all the Thundercats under his spell, except Snarf, because Tygra held off Mumm-ra just long enough for Snarf to escape. Lion-O was sleeping out in the woods, and Snarf ran to him and told him what happened. Lion-O came back and fought Mumm-ra, who was actually beating Lion-O. Mumm-ra was wearing special glasses so he couldn't see his reflection. Eventually, Lion-O used the Thundercat signal, broke Mumm-ra's spell and his glasses, and finally defeated him with his reflection.moreless
  • Safari Joe
    Episode 24
    An evil hunter lands on third earth in search of prey to hunt. His holographic machine can tell him about all of the Thundercats, including their strengths and weaknesses, and he is able to hunt down each one of them and put them in Thundrainium cells. He captures all of them but Lion-O and Snarf. Jaga warns Lion-O about Safari Joe before he sets out to save his comrads, and Lion-O is able to defeat him and release his friends.moreless
  • 1/23/85
    While the Thundercats try to salvage what they can from their ship, the Mutants scan the planet for a place to build a fortress. Instead, they find the home of Mumm-Ra, the ever-living.
  • The Ghost Warrior
    Episode 11
    Two Bolkins (sheep-like beings from Third Earth) unleash the ghost of Grune the Destroyer, a renegade Thundercat who once terrorised Third Earth and now turns his attention to the Thundercats.
  • Exodus
    Episode 1
    With their home planet, Thundera, about to explode, the Thunderians flee to a distant galaxy. Before they can make the long journey the Mutants sweep in and destroy most of the fleet in an attempt to capture the Eye of Thundera, and a battle ensues.
  • Wilykit and Wilykat stand in Lion-O's way on the third day of his trials. Lion-O must beat them through the maze of infinity. Attempting to stop Lion-O and slow him down, the kids set traps in the maze. He manages however to avoid their traps. In order to beat them through the maze, Lion-O plays their own tricks on them, and tricks them into losing the race through the maze.moreless
  • 9/30/85
    The mutants, once again searching for a way to destroy the Thundercats, recover some more items from their spaceship which Mumm-Ra generously recovered for them. They take their ships engine and convert it into a giant fire-ball-shooting machine. The mutants terrorize third earth with their fire-balls, until the Thundercats go to castle Plun-Darr and destroy their dangerous new weapon.moreless
  • Pumm-Ra
    Episode 5
    While out for her morning job, Cheetara is captured by the Mutants, as part of Mumm-Ra's larger plan to infiltrate Cats' Lair.
  • Spitting Image
    Episode 18
    Mumm-Ra creates a device that can make Panthro clones. He embeds the spirit of Hammerhand into his clone and sets it free to destroy Third Earth. The planet's inhabitants blame the Thundercats for the terror because they think its the real Panthro destroying their villages and burning their crops. The real Panthro finally encounters his clone and, with the help of Lion-O, manages to destroy it. Enraged about his defeat, Hammerhand destroys Mumm-Ra's cloning device.moreless
  • On Lion-O's 20th birthday, he must pass a set of trials to become the true Lord of the Thundercats. Even though he is the hereditary Lord of the Thundercats, he has not proven himself to be worthy of that title. His first test is to beat Panthro in a dual to test his strength.moreless
  • 10/11/85
    Nearly all the Thundercats have been captured by the Mutants and imprisoned in Mumm-Ra's Pyramid, forcing Snarf to use his own talents to free them.
  • 12/17/85
    The Thunderkittens steal the Thundercats' weapons so they can prove they can use them, but the Mutants steal the weapons! Lion-O and the kittens must get the weapons back from the Mutants.
  • All That Glitters
    Episode 17
    Mumm-Ra tricks Lion-O into using the Sword of Omens against Tygra, causing the blade to break in half and lose its powers. The only way Lion-O can restore the Sword is to venture into a volcano and have the Inflamer reforge it. But the Inflamer requires a payment of gold . . . Has Lion-O taken on more than he can handle?moreless
  • The scene changes to Hook Mountain, where Lion-O must beat Tygra at a test of mind power. The Tiger Clan on Thundera were given special mind powers that enable them to produce illusions to their enemies. Lion-O must be able to distinctly separate the real from the unreal. Lion-O is clever enough to see past Tygra's illusions, and is able to earn his Thundercat insignia during day four of his trials.moreless
  • The Tower of Traps
    Episode 8
    Wilykit and Wilykat try to stop a band of living gargoyles from robbing a Wollo but fail to do so and trail the gargoyles to a nearby Tower. Wilykat tries to force the door open when he suddenly disappears, leaving Wilykit - who was looking for another way in - close to panic. She and Lion-O (alerted by the Sword of Omens) must now brave the Tower's potentially lethal traps in order to rescue Wilykat.moreless
  • Trouble with Time
    Episode 7
    The Mutants decide they need a woman around "the house" to take care of their needs. Meanwhile the Thundercats stumble upon the Cave of Time.
  • The Astral Prison
    Episode 22
    Jaga is captured by Nemex, an evil being in the Astral world, and Lion-O tries to find a way to rescue him. Third Earth legend says that the only person who can transport anyone to the Astral world is the evil Nether-Witch. Little do the Thundercats know that Mumm-Ra and the Nether-Witch are one and the same. Mumm-Ra traps Lion-O in the Astral world and Lion-O sets out to save Jaga. While escaping the Astral prison, Lion-O and Jaga save an old sorcerer named Brodo who has been imprisoned in the Astral Prison for centuries. As a gesture of thanks, Brodo sends Lion-O back to his own dimension.moreless
  • Berbils
    Episode 3

    While Lion-O is away scouting the area, Mumm-Ra launches a rock attack against the remaining Thundercats. Meanwhile, Lion-O has his own problems when he falls into a trap.

  • Dimension Doom
    Episode 33
    Wiz-Ra, Mum-Ra's enemy from long ago comes back every 7000 years through a portal that just happens to be in Cheetara's bedroom. Wiz-Ra wears on his head a magical helmet that lets him control minds. When the time arrives and Wiz-Ra comes through the portal, Mumm-Ra steals the helmet. Cheetarah helps Wiz-Ra get the helmet back and free the ThunderCats from its spell.moreless
  • The Time Capsule
    Episode 15
    Lion-O becomes homesick, and his memories of Thundera are almost nonexistent. Jaga appears to Lion-O and tells him that on their spaceship, they brought with them a time capsule which was basically a digital recording of Thundera, and its history up to the time it was destroyed. The Thundercats set out to search for their time capsule.moreless
  • Eye of the Beholder
    Episode 60
    Panthro makes a fake sword of omens, and they plan to play a joke on the Mutants! But the joke backfires when the Mutants capture Snarf too! Lion-O must rescue Snarf and defeat the Mutants and Mumm-Ra once again.
  • Return to Thundera
    Episode 20
    The Thundercats briefly show Lion-O how the time capsule they recovered from the caveman works. Curious to see more, Lion-O activates it during his night-time watch, and gets caught in it nuclear projection rays. The rays send him back in time to Thundera, just before the final tremor that destroyed the planet. Meanwhile, the mutants have built an evil robot monster that is destroying the cats lair, and the other Thundercats. Back on Thundera, Lion-O encounters his father, Claudus, and saves him from a mutant attack. In return, Claudus gives Lion-O the plans to the robot that was destroying the Thundercats in his own time.moreless
  • 12/12/85
    Vultureman invents a potion that turns him into the most powerful being on Third Earth. He becomes so powerful that he even challenges Mumm-Ra's power and wins. He becomes so powerful that if the Thundercats don't stop him, he *will* be the supreme ruler of Third Earth. Luckily, the mutants fight over the super power potion, and end up destroying the vile.moreless
  • Mongor
    Episode 19
    Wilykit and Wilykat accidently free an ancient monster that was banished to an old shrine centuries ago. The evil monster Mongor begins to destroy the planet and is much stronger than the Thundercats. He captures all the elder Thundercats with his powers. Wilykit and Wilykat return to the shrine to find a way to destroy him. They report back to Lion-O and tell him that in order to destroy Mongor he has to fight the monster without looking at it. Lion-O defeats the monster and all is returned to normal.moreless
  • 9/19/85
    While investigating an earthquake, Tygra stumbles across the Garden of Delights and meets a talking plant named Silky, who offers him her fruit. But it turns out that "Silky" was another of Mumm-Ra's disguises and eating the fruit seems to have affected Tygra's mind.
  • Feliner (2)
    Episode 30
    Vultureman summons Ratar-O to take him to the planet of the Snarfs to capture one of them and use it as ransom with the Thundercats. Snarf (Osbert J), thinking his entire race was wiped out when Thundera blew up finds out that they have captured Snarfer, his little nephew. The Thundercats set out to find the mutants and save Snarfer. After successfully saving Snarfer, the Thundercats are faced with the problem of returning Snarfer to his planet. Panthro cleverly invents the Feliner, the first Thundercat air-ship. In order for it to work though, the machine need a hyperspace mega-condenser. Snarf reminds him that there is one on Ratar-O's Ratstar. The Thundercats once again persue the mutants to the wreckage site of the Ratstar to "take" their mega-condensor.moreless
  • Trapped
    Episode 49
    When a big storm hits Third Earth, the Thunderkittens are trapped in an old space capsule. Meanwhile, Tygra and Cheetara almost crash the Feliner, but Lion-O guides them in for a safe landing with the eye of Thundera. The kittens are captured by Mumm-ra, but end up saving the day by showing him his reflection in the window of the capsule.moreless
  • 9/12/85
    While playing in the forest, Wilykit and Wilykat discover that the Mutants have enslaved the Brutemen. Using this slave labour, the Mutants have built Castle Plun-Darr.
  • Lord of the Snows
    Episode 13
    When a meteorite made of pure Thundrillium crashes on Hook Mountain, the Thundercats decide to use it to replenish their depleted energy supply. But Lion-O must first gain the trust of the fierce Snowman.
  • Out of Sight
    Episode 57
    Willa is captured by the Mutants, and Tygra and Nayda, Willa's sister, must go to Castle Plun-darr to save her. Tygra uses the invisibilty power of his whip on both of them, so they could sneak into the castle and rescue Willa, but having 2 people at a time takes too much power from the whip, so they are stuck being invisible. Lion-O uses the Sword to make them visible once again and Willa is rescued.moreless
  • The Wolfrat
    Episode 28
    A Mechanical Rodent Penetrates the Cats' Lair, releasing a gas that reduces them to 9 inches. Tygra manages to create an antidote for the gas, just in time to fight the mutants who were attacking. Snarf gets another dose of the antidote, and doubles in size. He chases all the mutants out of the lair, but ends up hitting his head on a lot of doorways.moreless
  • Fond Memories
    Episode 65
    Mumm-Ra pretending to be one of the ThunderCats friends takes Lion-O to a gallery of the ThunderCats accomplishments. However, the pictures can come to life and Lion-O must battle Rataro, Safari Joe, and others. ONce the other ThunderCats arrive they end up in trouble and Lion-O is confronted by Mumm-Ra who has made himself into a carbon copy of Lion-O. It's Lion-O VS Lion-O and is a draw, until Lion-O shows Mumm-Ra his reflection.moreless
  • The Doomgaze
    Episode 12
    Mumm-Ra and the Mutants plot to open the Time Warp Prison and release the evil Princess Ta-She in order to use her deadly Doomgaze against the Thundercats.
  • Monkian's Bargain
    Episode 39
    Monkian goes to Mumm-ra and agrees to give him anything if Mumm-ra will make him powerful enough to rule Third Earth. Mumm-ra agrees cleverly, and gives him Power Spheres which make him super strong and give him super weapons. He freezes all the Thundercats, then defeats Lion-O and takes the sword of Omens back to Mumm-ra. Mumm-ra takes it, and then says that Monkian's part of the bargain will be that he can keep the spheres, but he has to stay in Mumm-ra's pyramid for all eternity. Walls surround Monkian, and every time he breaks them down, a new set of walls shows up. While Monkian and Mumm-ra are arguing, Lion-O retrievs the sword and frees the other Thundercats. Monkian gives up his power to be free again.moreless
  • 9/26/85
    Tired of constantly being bested by the Thundercats, the Mutants have Mumm-Ra raise their spaceship and salvage their vehicles.
  • Tight Squeeze
    Episode 40
    After the Mutants fail to ambush and defeat the Thundercats with Vultureman's new thundrainium cannon, Vultureman, furious about the failed attempt and the loss of his weapon, activates a self-destruct built into each of his inventions or repaired machinery, and all the Mutant technology disintegrates. To even the odds, Slithe asks Mumm-Ra to send an electrical energy creature to destroy all the equipment in Cats Lair, which also seals up the door to the Sword Chamber, trapping the Sword of Omens inside along with all the Thundercats' weapons. The Mutants attack, and manage to capture Cheetara and Panthro. Snarf must climb into the ventilation shafts to reach the Sword Chamber from within, but Jackalman follows him trying to capture him. Outside, Lion-O is attacked by Slithe and Monkian, and later Mumm-Ra. After Snarf successfully gets the Sword back to Lion-O, Lion-O summons Panthro and Cheetara (freeing them) and they defeat Mumm-Ra and the Mutants.moreless
  • The Rock Giant
    Episode 43
    Mumm-Ra awakens the Rock Giant, an ancient monster made of stone which looked like a mountain to the Thundercats. When it wakes up, Mumm-Ra sends it to destroy the Thundercats' Lair. The Thundercats try and defeat it using the Thundertank, and eventually with the help of the Sword, the giant is beaten.moreless
  • The Demolisher
    Episode 38
    A vagabond space traveler lands on Third Earth to challenge Mumm-Ra to a fight. The Demolisher is victorious against Mumm-Ra and sends him running back to his Tomb. Mumm-Ra acknowledges the power of the Demolisher, and convinces him to seek and destroy Lion-O. The Demolisher, searching for another fight gladly accepts Mumm-Ra advice. He battles with Lion-O only to face defeat.moreless
  • 9/16/85
    When Snarf is captured by the Berzerkers, Lion-O goes to the aid of Snarf and a flock of Unicorns.
  • 11/5/85
    Driller, Mumm-Ra's servant who captured Panthro for him in Spitting Image, returns to aid Mumm-Ra once again. His job this time is to drill a hole from the Cat's Lair to the Acid lake, allowing the acid to flow in and eat away at the lair. The Thundercats set out to find the one substance that neutralizes the acid.moreless
  • Divide and Conquer
    Episode 55
    Vultureman invents a voice imitator which can imitate *anyones* voice. The mutants use the invention to trick the Thundercats into falling for false distress calls. They go on the communication frequency that the Thundercats use and pretend to be Thundercats in danger. Each Thundercat is lured into a different danger zone of third earth. Wilykit and Wilykat get trapped in the Vortex, Cheetara in a giant bee hive, Tygra in Mole-masters hole, and Panthro gets captured by the mutants. Lion-O and Snarf go off to save them once again, and put the mutant scheme to an end.moreless
  • 9/20/85
    Lion-O and Snarf stumble upon a portable jail cell, and mistakenly open it up. Three of the galaxy's worst villains escape. One of them, a slick thief, manages to steal Lion-O's sword. Lion-O helps Mandora, the inter-stellar police officer that imprisoned the villains, recapture them, and return them to their cells.moreless
  • Feliner (1)
    Episode 29
    Vulture-man summons Ratar-O to take him to the planet of the Snarfs to capture one of them and use it as ransom with the Thundercats. Snarf (Osbert J), thinking his entire race was wiped out when Thundera blew up finds out that they have captured Snarfer, his little nephew. The Thundercats set out to find the mutants and save Snarfer. After successfully saving Snarfer, the Thundercats are faced with the problem of returning Snarfer to his planet. Panthro cleverly invents the Feliner, the first Thundercat air-ship. In order for it to work though, the machine need a hyper-space mega-condenser. Snarf reminds him that there is one on Ratar-O's Ratstar. The Thundercats once again persue the mutants to the wreckage site of the Ratstar to "take" their mega-condensor.moreless
  • The Crystal Queen
    Episode 23
    The Thundercats think that Snarf is getting too old, and that he is not up to doing as much as he is. To prove them wrong, Snarf saves the Thundercats from another mess. The evil crystal queen, Tartara, captures the Arrietta bird, whose songs enchant the berbils harvests. Lion-O, upset with her selfishness go off to save the bird, but gets caught, and put under an evil spell. Snarf, managing to slip through the crystal queens defenses, saves Lion-O and frees the Arrietta bird.moreless
  • The Shifter
    Episode 64
    Vultureman creates a device that shifts minds and bodies. He gives Panthro Snarf's body, and gives Snarf Panthro's Body. He also shifts Lion-O and Wilykat, and thus makes the sword of omens unusable. Eventually, Vultureman shoots the sword, and it causes a reaction that restores all the Thundercats to their rightful bodies.moreless
  • The Transfer
    Episode 54
    A spaceship approaches third Earth and it sets off all the alarms of the Thundercats, Mutants and even Mumm-Ra. It contains enough radioactive material to put an end to the Thundercats. Jackalman takes the recovered materials first and Mumm-Ra takes it from him. The Thundercats battle Mumm-Ra on top of the Dark Pyramid for the sphere and eventually win, setting the materials to explode safely in space.moreless
  • The Thunder-Cutter
    Episode 27
    Mumm-Ra summons the great samurai Hachiman to seek and destroy Lion-O. He tells Hachiman that Lion-O and the Thundercats are destroying his planet. Hachiman and Lion-O confront each other, but their swords refuse to draw on each other. They become allies and hope to destroy Mumm-Ra together. Enraged, Mumm-Ra summons another warrior, a ninja, to sabotage the Thundercats, and retrieve Slithe whom they have captured.moreless
  • Good and Ugly
    Episode 53
    Lion-O encounters two beings who each tell him the other's race is evil and cannot be trusted. Unfortunately, he makes the mistake of assuming that the more attractive of the two is the one he should side with.
  • The Micrits
    Episode 41
    Micrits, a tiny race of human like figures happen to live right outside Cats Lair. Unaware of their existance, Lion-O manages to continuously step on their village (keep in mind they are the size of toy figures) and destroy their homes. Upset at this disrespect, the Micrits decide to take a stand and manage to trap Lion-O. With the Thundercat Lord in trouble, the mutants attack Cats Lair. After much talk, Lion-O manages to convince the Micrits that he is a "good guy" and convinces them to let him go to help save his friends. Once again, Lion-O saves the day, and befriends the Micritsmoreless
  • Mechanical Plague
    Episode 48
    Panthro invents flying video cameras which are suppose to record the events that take place on third-earth so they could create their own holographic time capsule. Mumm-Ra, in hope of destroying the Thundercats once more, revives the great mechanical monsters which the Thundercats have destroyed in the past to attack them. He revives the Mutant War robot, The Driller, The Giant Insect, and the Techno-Pede.moreless
  • Sword in a Hole
    Episode 35
    Mumm-Ra hires Captain Schiner no send a fake distress signal to the Thundercats. With their new vehicle, the Feliner, the Thundercats set out into deep space to help the "ship in distress". When they arrive, Schiner captures Lion-O, and the sword of omens. He gives the sword to Mumm-Ra, and Mumm-Ra throws the sword into a black hole. Cheetara returns to third earth to get Panthro, in an attempt to save Lion-O. They do rescue Lion-O, and seize Schiner's ship. Panthro sets a course into the black hole to recover the sword. They enter, and must battle the robotic city of lost space ships to recover the sword of omens, and escape.moreless
  • 12/3/85
    An old iceberg on Hook Mountain begins to melt; encased in it is an ancient being known as the Ice King. He begins to destroy Snowman's caslte at the top of Hook Mountain and freezes Snowman in solid ice. Snowmeow, his faithful compainion, seeks out Lion-O to do away with the being and save his master. Lion-O fails and is also frozen. Once again Snow-Meow sets out to find the other Thundercats. They arrive only to face defeat, Cheetarah the only one to survive. She uses the sword to restore Lion-O to normal and he in turn restores everyone else. They discover that the Ice King is looking for an ancient egg to see his wife one last time before he dies. They understand his madness and assist him in finding the eggmoreless
  • 11/21/85
    The normally submissive Jackalman decides to start his own army in hopes of conquering Third Earth by himself. He does manage to give the Thundercats trouble, but soon he is defeated and ends up crawling back to the other mutants at Castle Plun-Darr, who weren't very happy that he rebelled in the first place.moreless
  • Mumm-Rana
    Episode 63
    The mutants fail to destroy the Thundercats in an areal assault and find themselves stranded on a far part of third earth inhabited by the good Mumm-Rana. She is suppose to be the exact opposite of Mumm-Ra, serving the ancient spirits of goodness as opposed to the ancient spirits of evil. Somehow Mumm-Ra shows up on the scene and puts her under a spell where she must serve him. These two now evil Mummies plot to destroy the Thundercats and rule third earth side by side as King and Queen.. Surprise surprise good always pevails, and the Thundercats manage to turn Mumm-Rana back to her good self, and banish Mumm-Ra once again.moreless
  • 11/11/85
    Wilykit and Wilykat find an ancient harp that has a genie in it. His name is Charr-Nin. Mumm-Ra appears to the genie and tells him that if he destroys the Thundercats, he will be freed from his eternal prison in the lamp. Foolishly, Charr-Nin agrees, and begins trapping the Thundercats in his lamp one by one. Mumm-Ra's plan works, and he betrays Charr-Nin. During their arguing, the Thundercats manage to escape, leaving Mumm-Ra and Charr-Nin battling beneath the earthmoreless
  • Sixth Sense
    Episode 26
    An alien spaceship crash lands on Third Earth and can somehow communicate with Cheetara through her sixth sense. She becomes a part of the spacecraft and begins to feel what it feels. The mutants recover the space ship and begin tampering with and damaging it. Little do they know that it is not only effecting the spaceship, but it is effecting Cheetara. In order to save Cheetara, the Thundercats set out to recover the space ship from the mutants and fix it.moreless
  • Turmagar the Tuska
    Episode 45
    An evil robot monster is attacking the Tuska Village, in an area unexplored by the Thundercats. Turmagar, the leader of the Tuskas, travels to the Cat's Lair to ask for aid in defeating the Techno-Pede robot which is destroying his village. The Thundercats agree to help Turmagar, and set out to the Tuska Village.moreless
  • Dream Master
    Episode 56
    Mumm-ra transforms himself into the Dream Master, and gains the power to control the Thundercats' dream selves. All except Lion-O. They all become slaves to Mumm-ra the Dream Master in their sleep, but when they wake up, they are just tired. However, when the Thundercats sleep again, Mumm-ra captures their dream selves in little bottles, and when Lion-O tries to wake them up, he can't. He goes and fights Mumm-ra, and frees the other Thundercats' dream selves. They wake up, come running, and help to defeat Mumm-ra again.moreless
  • Dr. Dometone
    Episode 21
    An old scientist seeks the Thundercats to help him save the oceans of Third Earth. Long ago, a crack was made in the bottom of the ocean which caused the water to drain into the earth's core. Dr. Dometone created a plug which sealed the hole in the ocean, and saved Third Earth from destruction. Now, an evil plundarrian, Scrape, has come to Third Earth to remove the plug and mine the rock that is found on the bottom of the ocean, a rock that powers his planet - Blue Plun-Darr. The Thundercats join Dr. Dometone and his frog-type robot Hercie to save the planet from total destruction.moreless
  • 11/4/85
    Mandora, on space-patrol, encounters an old pirate ship which doesn't meet inter-galactic standards. She boards the ship, arrests the pirate, and sends the ship to a space prison. Little does she know that she has boarded the Jolly Roger, the home of the evil pirate Cracker. Mandora is captured by the creature. Lion-O intercepts one of her distress calls, and must go into space to save her. She sends her bike to third earth by remote control, and Lion-O goes after hermoreless
  • Queen of 8 Legs
    Episode 34
    Mumm-Ra finds out that the Kingdom of Webs has a new Queen, Spidera. Mumm-Ra thinks he can lure Lion-O in to Spidera. He transeforms into a diamond fairy and casts a spell on Lion-O. Snarf follows them and gets traped in the Kingdom of Webs. Lion-O trys to save him but ends up having to call the other Thundercats. Eventually they confront and beat Spidera.moreless