Season 1 Episode 23

The Crystal Queen

Aired Daily 5:00 PM Oct 09, 1985 on



  • Trivia

    • Snarf says in this episode that he is tone deaf.

    • The floor in Queen Tartara's throne room is suppose to be made of wood, but the pattern indicates stone.

    • Lion-O only managed to get a coat and hat, but when he showed up at the crystal palace, he was wearing soldier boots as well.

    • Snarf hides in the trunk of the Thundertank, but he cannot open it from the inside.

    • Snarf digs under the snow and bites through the wood floor to enter the Queen's treasure room.

    • The Crystal Queen's treasure guards wear blinding visors to prevent them from seeing her treasure. It also prevents them from seeing any intruders as they must fight blindly when sensors indicate that someone is in the room.

  • Quotes

    • Snarf: Old Snarf just gets better with age!

    • (After the soldier leaves Lion-O with his coat)
      Lion-O: Jaga says that there is always a benefit to be found in misfortune. Hard to see what benefit that poor devil got out of this, but at least I won't freeze.

    • Ro-Bear-Bill: [Queen Tartara] wants the bird to sing for her alone.
      Lion-O: Why, that's the most selfish thing I ever heard!
      Ro-Bear Bill: Yes. Isn't it sad? She never learned that the greatest pleasure comes from sharing.

    • Lion-O: He's getting a bit absent minded.
      Panthro: Well, he's not getting any younger.
      Lion-O: Snarf getting old. I never thought of that.

  • Notes

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